The 9 Best Baby Monitors UK

The 9 Best Baby Monitors UK

A Little Bit About baby monitors

With the features always updating and getting better with each yeah that passes. 

Picking the right baby monitor can be like entering an endless abyss of options. In this guide our aim is to make that choice clear, all the product have been tested and compared against many others. 

The best baby monitor 

this is very board because it really depends what you need from your baby monitor, for example if you need a visual, a baby video monitor is the one for you. 

Cheap baby monitors are usually as good as their price, low quality audio & video does not seem like the end of the world, until you have to listen to it most nights.

Motorola & BT baby monitors have dominated the baby monitor market for years. The quality is fantastic both sounds and video (dependant on model). 

But now there is more choice for a baby monitor than ever before, the competition for the best gets even more difficult which is our gain! 


Baby monitor says video but no screen?

To cut back on the price you pay, baby monitor apps have been created so it can go straight to your phone.  

We recommend these if you are getting a baby monitor on a budget. But the video cameras are not always as clear as they make out. 





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