8 Best Play Mats You Must See!

8 Best Play Mats You Must See!

Baby play mats

A baby play mat is not just a great place to keep your baby entertained for a short period of time but also can work as an educational place too.

Whilst your baby is playing on their mat, they some baby play mats use sensory and other methods to help them grow mentally also.

A great baby play mat is not just a good colour, it is important cause this is when your babies’ brain is like a sponge and this can really aid their development.


Foam play mats  

If you have a clumsy prone baby and want more reassurance if they tip over or fall, a foam play mat will give you piece of mind, this type of mat works great if you baby is just beginning to learn to walk too. 


What makes the best play mat?

A play mat firstly will have a difficult like, so first is a baby play mat that does not fall apart and allow your baby to get hold of loose plastic bits.

Next is how many features the play mat has, such as hanging toys and music buttons which stimulate your baby, keeping them entertained longer.


Cheap baby play mats

It is a rare find to get a good quality cheap play mat, the best we found is the Fisher Price 3 in 1 play mat for £23.95, it is an absolute steal but lacks some of the features of others.

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