6 Best Child Car Seats You Must See!

6 Best Child Car Seats You Must See!

Baby car seats

What makes a great car seat, well there are more than – things that you must consider before buying your baby’s new car seat.

  1. Is the safety rating and customer reviews, we included all the highest rated safety child car seat for you to be rest assure that your baby has the max safety features?
  2. Practicality of the seat such as how easy it is to add and remove from a car, some baby car seats are so big they do not fit in the smaller car types very well.
  3. Comfort and added features, everyone loves a baby car seat with lots of toys added to keep your baby happy and entertained on a long trip. Toys are selective across different people, but we added seats that have anchor points where you can add your own car seat toys to it.
  4. Transferable or multi use car seat. The seats are becoming more and more useful for example the Britax Romer child seat can be taken out of the car and put straight into a pram frame which is fantastic.


Other things you will need.

New mums and dads often forget the smaller things that not everyone tells you about and there is even some that need to go into your car which are:

  • Car seat blankets
  • Car seat covers
  • Car seat toys
  • Car seat mirror

Most of the list explains itself but there is others such as covers, why get them?

On the go your baby will eat something that has a lot of crumbs and for some reason every child has a great ability to rub the crumbs all into the car seat and really make it look a mess. A car seat cover will save you money in the long run!

How long can a baby be in a car seat?

2 hours or less at a time, a baby should not be put into a car seat which restricts full movement of the back and neck for longer than this period.

If you need to go further than this, simply take more breaks that you normally would this is important and also give you the much need time to refocus and grab a coffee!

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