Top 9 Baby Rockers

Top 9 Baby Rockers

Types of baby rockers:

First is the standard sole baby rocker, which most are bent metal that only has the up and down motion.

These are a great option and if some babies will fall asleep just find in this type of rocker. 

Now this isn’t always the case so getting a rocker that has a dual purpose can really aid in getting your baby to settle down, so consider the following ones if that is the case.

Baby rocker swing:

A 2 in 1, the norm of a rocker but also has the ability to swing, this is our favourite option as it mimics how a mother would gently swing a baby to get them to calm & fall asleep.

Slightly more expensive but how great these are we would pay the extra just to get that extra bit of peace and quiet.

Electric baby rocker:

Electric rockers are best for any mum that is always on the go, if you keep busy or have a lot to do whilst looking after your child, an electric rocker is like having an extra set of hands.

You can go about your day cooking cleaning and bring your portable rocker with you but not having to manually keep rocking them to sleep.


So, depending on what your expectations are from a baby rocker, this will determine which type is best for you. If you can afford the electric anyways, having the freedom to get ahead during this time is a god send.


Popular baby rocker Brands


Fischer Price:

Fischer Price


Fisher-Price might be almost 90 years old, but we don’t act a day over five. Because the only way you can make awesome things for babies and kids is to put yourself in their tiny shoes.

Baby Bjorn:

Baby Bjorn




BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned business started in 1961, in the last 50 years the company has become a massive brand and is located in over 50 different countries. 


Joie Baby Rocker






Simply brilliant products are cleverly designed with unique parent-friendly features – keep exploring to meet a few that are so brilliant they are the first of their kind.


$mom Baby rocker





  develop dramatically better juvenile products and build a great company. Dramatically better products redefine the most important attribute in their category. Great companies care about more than financial success.

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