Our Guide To Baby Proofing Your Home! 🏡

Our Guide To Baby Proofing Your Home! 🏡

✔️ The Check List You Need! 

There are so many potential hazards that could harm your baby all around your humble abode. Making sure it is a safe environment for your little one, is one of the most important things for your baby to explore and grow safely. 

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Baby Proofing Around The House 

📺 The Living Room

Having a carbon monoxide detector on every level of the house, won't only keep your baby safe but everyone else living in the house as well. Especially if you have oil or gas appliances or an attached garage. 

Accidents do happen, so having a first aid kit nearby stocked up with all the essentials will help put your mind at ease. 

Adding non-slip mats under any rugs you may have, will be a lifesaver especially if you are walking on mats with your baby in your arms. 

Anchoring your TV to a wall and hide any electrical cords that might be visible for your little one to try to investigate. 

If you have an open fire 🔥, I highly suggest investing in a fireplace screen to keep their little hands away!

Baby Playing Safely In Living Room

🍽 The Kitchen 

The kitchen holds a lot of hazards and it is likely accidents can happen, so its best to be prepared because all toddlers and babies love to get their nose into everything! 

Always cook on the back burner of the stove, to ensure they cannot reach that boiling pan of hot water that may be on.

Move any harmful cleaning products such as bleach ⚠️ to a secure cupboard ideally above the kitchen worktop. 

Keeping all glassware and dishware in a top shelving unit is also a good idea.

Applying child safety locks to cupboards so they cant rummage through and find anything they are not supposed to.   

Baby Reaching For A Hot Pan

🧸 The Nursery 

When your baby starts to sleep in their own nursery, its essential to make sure it is baby proof. As a lot of the time, they will more than likely be in there by themselves as they grow older. 

Check that all the crib slates are no more than two and 3/8 inches apart. This ensures that your baby won't get any of their limbs or much worse their tiny little head stuck between the slates.

Secure all dressers and bookshelves 📚 to the wall as babies love to climb on anything they can! 

Install safety guards on all windows in the nursery.

A baby's crib should always be kept free of soft objects, toys, pillows, loose bedding, and crib bumpers. This is to help prevent potential suffocation.

Always position the crib as far away from windows, heaters, lamps, and wall decorations. 


Baby Proof Nursery

🛁 The Bathroom 

The bathroom is somewhere you may not have thought to baby proof. It's said that children can drown in just two inches of water so its best to be safe and be on the ball before your little one loves to run around and explore. 

The most convenient way to secure your bathroom is to install a small lock, out of your baby's reach on the outside of the door to the bathroom. This could be a simple chain lock that can be attached to the door and the door frame.

Children find water so fascinating and with this comes with a great opportunity to see what the toilet is all about! How about getting a toilet seat lock? They are easy to install and remove if need be, but they are a great way to keep your baby safe not just from potential drowning but trapping their fingers too.

slip-proof mat in the bath is so important to stop potential falls as your little one tries to find their balance as they get older.

Remove all hazardous products from cabinets that may be accessible from small children, it may not seem harmful to you but it could be to your baby.

When placing your baby in the bath, you may realize that the spout is the same height as them and they could easily bump their head on it. Purchasing a spout cover can prevent accidents. 

Baby And Toodler Exploring The Toilet

🔐 Benefits Of Child Safety Locks  

Here at BABYGO we want every child to be as safe as possible, that is why we have child safety locks to help prevent these accidents and to make sure your baby can grow in a safe but fun environment at the same time. 

BABYGO Child Safety Lock

General Safety Tips For Keeping Your Little One Safe

  • Baby Gating the house, is an easier and sufficient way to protect your baby from getting into things or exploring places they are not supposed to yet. Having a baby gate at the top and bottom of the stairs will prevent them from falling down and very badly injuring themselves.
  • Having an emergency number saved in your phone, so it is ready at hand.
  • Placing their highchair in the middle of the room can help by always having a constant watchful eye on them. It can also keep them out of reach of anything grabbable.
  • A big tip is to finish all painting 🎨 and wallpapering in the nursery at least 8 weeks before your baby is due, to avoid any harmful fumes that may affect your baby.
  • Always check the water temperature before placing your baby in the bath or shower. A safe temperature for young children is between 37 and 38 degrees celsius. Any hotter and it could cause scalds in seconds.

Your child's safety is always going to be an important factor in your life, even when they turn the ripe age of adulthood.

But until then, we hope these tips can ensure your little one can have a safe and happy upbringing in your home.

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