Your Pregnancy At Week 40

Weight: 3.5kg  Size: 51.2cm, Pumpkin  Weeks Left: 0
In a nutshell
Ring your midwife if there is a change in movement
Lower backache
Practise breathing techniques
Your bump & blood pressure will be checked

Your Body at Week 40

Finally, you have made it to week 40! If your baby hasn't already made an appearance, chances are this is the last week of your pregnancy.

For some it will be a very emotional saying goodbye to your bump, if you have loved watching it grow bigger each week but for others who may not have had an enjoyable pregnancy, will be relieved that the time has finally come to welcome their baby into the big wide world.

You may notice that your waters have broken and that you are going into labour naturally. Others on the other hand, your midwife might have suggested an ultrasound, just to see how the baby is doing and see if you need to be induced to wriggle things along.

Your Baby At Week 40 

The time has nearly come to care for your baby on the outside world. Your body has worked so hard for the past 9 months to give all the nutrients and support to develop them into the healthy and lovely little human they will be.

By the time they are born they will weigh anywhere between 7 and 8 pounds possibly even more. As your baby has stayed in a little longer, they may present more alert when born. They could also have more hair than normal.

From all of us here at BABYGO®, we just want to wish you all the best and the safe arrival of your little one. 

Week 40 TODO's

  1. If your contractions start during the middle of the night, don’t be alarmed. Try and sleep through them until the morning as you will need that much needed rest through labour.
  2. Drinking our recipe of the week every day can help soften the cervix and bring on activate labour.
  3. Doing some intense mediation this week to really focus on your breathing can be a good way to practise how you are going to dealing with your contractions.
  4. Keep moving this week, your baby likes it when you stay activate. As much as your feeling tired this will help you throughout labour.

Week 40 FAQ's

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Boy & Girl Name of the Week

Gender: Male Origin: Scottish Meaning: "Blonde"
Gender: Female Origin: Greek Meaning: "Greek Gem"

Recipe of the Week

Carrot, Clementine and Pineapple Juice
BABYGO Recipe of the Week
4.5 / 5
10 Min
Serves 2
4 Ingreds


  • 2 clementine, peeled
  • 1 carrot, peeled
  • ½ small pineapple
  • 1cm piece peeled ginger
  • Cooking Instructions

    1. Cut the carrot and pineapple into junks and put into a juicer along with the clementine’s and ginger.
    2. Juice following the instructions on your machine.
    3. Pour into a large glass and serve over ice.

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