How to Ease Back Pain in Pregnancy?

How to Ease Back Pain in Pregnancy?

Back pain is a “pain” during pregnancy, to say the least. As your body is adjusting to pregnancy and preparing for labour, your ligaments in your body become softer and stretch into shape. This can often cause back pain as a lot of strain will be placed on your lower back and pelvis.

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How Can I Ease My Back Pain?

Everyone’s special remedy to easing back pain is always “take it easy, put your feet up”. But as a woman who has a job, two other children and a husband, that isn’t a possibility. Back pain, especially lower back pain, is mainly during the this trimester but many can have this as an early pregnancy sign. But we’re here to help provide a few ways which can help ease your back pain during pregnancy. Below are a few tips;

📏 Posture is key:

As your baby grows, so does your belly and you end upfront heavy. To avoid tippling head over heels, you will try to compensate by leaning backwards. This puts a lot of strain on the lower back and pelvis.

💁‍♀️ Look the part:

You very rarely see any pregnant woman in a pair of heels and although not many would question why some would. The answer to that is because it’s simply not comfy. It is advised you wear comfy, flat shoes You may consider investing in a pregnancy support band/belt in order to support both your back and your bump.

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💤 Sleep like a baby:

You must remember to sleep on your side, avoid sleeping on your back and try to keep at least one of your knees bent. Why not treat yourself to a pregnancy pillow and feel the maximum comfort at night?

💆🏻 Spa day is calling:

It is worth trying a pregnancy massage, even if it is just to get out of the house for an hour or two. Alternating between cold packs and heat packs can often help relieve some pain from your back. 

🏃🏻Let's get physical:

Engaging in exercise daily can strengthen the muscles in your back and encourage your body to keep active and relieve any stiffness. There are a few key exercises and stretches to focus on when trying to ease your back pain. Attending a prenatal yoga class can often be beneficial. 

🏋️ Lay off lifting:

Avoid lifting heavy items and take extra caution when lifting even the smallest of things. It is okay to ask for help when needed, your limits have to reduce when trying to grow a baby. It is advised you squat down and lift with your legs. Avoid bending at the waist or lifting with your back. 

🌬️ Get your birthing ball blown up:

Your healthcare provider may have mentioned the benefits of using a birthing ball. A birthing ball can be used when exercising in order to ease the pain in both your back, spine and pelvis. A birthing ball can be a wonderful tool when trying to be comfortable during pregnancy and labour. 

When to Contact My Healthcare Provider?

As well as remembering that back pain is a common pregnancy symptom, it is also important to remember that you know your own body and it is better to get yourself checked out if you're worried about anything. If you have unbearable back pain or back pain that lasts longer than two weeks, you should contact your healthcare provider. If you experience back pain with any of the following, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately; 

  • Burning during urination, 
  • Vaginal bleeding or 
  • A fever. 

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