Nursing Pillows

It's time to make nursing time that little bit easier! Say goodbye to that sore back and shoulder strain, and hello to the perfect position for feeding and a fun tummy time.

Recovering from a c-section? Our award winning nursing pillow will provide ultimate protection whilst you feed your little one. With 11 removable and washable covers to choose from, what more could you want?

Ergonomically shaped to promote proper latch and feeding positions, our pillows for nursing eases strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. From playful covers in adorable designs to neutral patterns for those aesthetic lovers, discover the ideal companion for your feeding journey. 

Whether you're breast or bottle feeding, the BABYGO® Nursing Pillow will help encourage an easier and more comfortable feed! 

From sitting baby up to that oh so important tummy time, this pillow is not just for feeding. With premium plump filling and organic cotton cover, we can assure you that your little one will love it just as much as you!