Baby Proofing

Shop our baby proofing product collection. The BABYGO® children's cupboard locks and baby proofing kit contain all you will need to baby and toddler-proof your home.

The best safety equipment you can install in just 30 seconds with no drilling or DIY skills required. Keeping your baby out of drawers, cupboards and cabinets, our baby door stoppers and table corner protectors are great in homes and nurseries. 

But that's not it! Our versatile child safety straps can also be used in addition to our childrens door locks. They're perfect for cupboards and drawers, as well as fridges, bins, ovens and even toilets! Tested to repel a pull force of 30kg, we can assure you that your little one will be kept away from those out of bounds places.

So what are you waiting for? Stop those little hands from getting where they shouldn't with our child safety locks and baby corner protectors. Preventing fingers from getting trapped, and heads from getting bumped!