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BABYGO® Exercise Ball for Kids
BABYGO® Exercise Ball for Kids
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BABYGO® Exercise Ball for Kids
BABYGO® Exercise Ball for Kids
BABYGO® Exercise Ball for Kids

BABYGO® Exercise Ball for Kids

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Great for Exercise & Sensory Development

Made from hypoallergenic, BPA free, child friendly material. Our kids exercise balls are also anti- burst, so no nasty falls or bumped heads, for children of all ages.

The unique design of our exercise ball has sensory dimples that are great for Autism and children with sensory processing difficulties.

Included with our ball is our specialised BABYGO® Sensory Exercise Book paced with fun exercises for gross motor skills and balance as well as tips to keep your little ones fit and have a ball doing it!

Box Contents

1x BABYGO® Kids Exercise Ball (45cm)

1x BABYGO® Sensory Exercise Book

1x Foot Pump

1x Tape Measure

2x Ball Plug

1x Plug Remover

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BABYGO® Sensory Dimples

Our unique BABYGO® Sensory Dimples are great for children with autism or sensory processing difficulties as well as those who seek sensory stimulation. The rhythmic motion and pressure from the ball can have a calming effect and help children self-regulate their sensory responses.

The texture of our exercise ball's dimpled surface provides tactile sensory input. Running hands over the ball, gripping it, or squeezing it can be a soothing sensory experience for some children. It can also help desensitise hypersensitive tactile systems.

Fitness and Fun

The slight instability of our ball requires kids to pay attention to their posture and balance, helping them stay more focused and engaged, especially during tasks like homework or reading. Sitting or lying on an exercise ball requires constant adjustment of posture and balance. This helps strengthen the core muscles, which are essential for maintaining good posture, stability, and overall physical development which is vital in a child's early years.

Our sensory exercise ball can be used in a variety of creative ways, such as games, obstacle courses, or sensory exploration activities. This encourages imaginative play and can be a fun way for children to learn about their senses.

Includes BABYGO® Sensory Exercise Book

Our dedicated sensory exercise book, is packed with fun exercises and tips to keep your little ones fit and active as well as helping to improve your child's gross motor skills, coordination, and balance.

Our sensory exercise book provides a structured set of activities and exercises that children can do with our ball. These activities are designed to target specific sensory needs, motor skills, and therapeutic goals.

BABYGO® Exercise Ball for Kids