woman with peanut labour ball
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour
BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour

BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour

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Your favourite companion during the birth of your little one, allowing your labour to progress at a steady rate, from the comfort of your bed. Our ball can help reduce the risk of tearing, lessen the chances of requiring intervention and also aid in avoiding the need for a C-Section

We have designed a ball which is  BPA, Hypoallergenic and Phthalate Free, our ball is the safest for both you and your little one. You can prepare your body for labour from the comfort of your own home using our helpful exercises and positions. 

Peanut balls, although new to the world of labour and delivery, have shown they can reduce your labour time, regulate your emotions and save your energy for when you're ready to push. 

Box Contents

1x BABYGO® Peanut Ball (50cm)

1x BABYGO® Labour Book

1x Foot Pump

1x Tape Measure

1x Plug Remover

2x Ball Plug

Available in Blue and Nude.

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Allow Labour Progression.

Encourage your baby to drop down further into the birth canal at a quicker rate by opening up your pelvis and giving baby's head the space they need. 

Allowing your body to naturally progress through movement and positions can give you the rest you need to save up the energy for pushing. You don't want to be wasting an ounce of power you have or over exerting yourself before your little one is ready to make their arrival. 

Labour Book Included.

Use our dedicated BABYGO® Labour Book to help guide you through each stage of labour with our specific peanut ball exercises, which can help both you and your little one have a faster, safer delivery.

Through each stage of labour we have designed our book to give you the positive mindset you need going into your new journey. Also we have a handy little hospital bag checklist for both you and your baby to help set you up for the arrival of your bundle of joy. 

Reduce Chances of Intervention.

Preparing for labour is often a daunting time for expecting mothers, so we have designed a product which can help carry you along the journey. With the added stress of tearing, forceps and vacuum extraction, mums have a lot on their mind, to say the least. 

We have designed and created a product which can help you avoid all of those things, with the added bonus of our peanut birthing ball and reducing the chances of a C-Section.

BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour