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Why owning a Nursing Pillow is worth your while!

Ladies, are you struggling when nursing your baby? Does feeding time seem like something you dread to even think about? Well, it's time to take a step back and make those difficult feeding times 1 million times easier.

Although they may not seem like a necessity, once you get one, you'll never look back!  


  1. The Benefits
  2. What makes a good nursing pillow?
  3. How to use a nursing pillow?
  4. Nursing Pillow vs Pregnancy Pillow
  5. Postpartum Recovery
  6. Tummy Time

Let me break down everything you need to know about nursing pillows, and explain how they may just change your life as a new mum.

 woman nursing baby on pillow

The Benefits:

You've just brought this tiny little bundle of joy into the world and life feels complete. However, you can't help but feel like a close, bonding moment to share with your baby should feel intimate, and all you feel is pain and discomfort! (Don't worry you're not the only one.) Plenty of mums and first time mums feel this way, all it takes is a little encouragement.

It can help mums who have had a C-section

Women who have had a C-section during their labour often take time to recover (it is surgery at the end of the day). During feeding, baby can get excited and tend to kick about causing danger of kicking mum. A nursing pillow can act as a barrier between mum's scar and baby to prevent any damage. 

It can help with back problems

Breastfeeding has so many benefits to both mum and baby, and can have so many things to enjoy during the process. One thing that isn't often enjoyed is the pain. Especially when baby starts to grow and get bigger. A pillow can help take the extra weight off of mum and avoid strain.

Not just for breastfeeding

They also work perfectly for bottle feeding too. Whether you bottle feed from the get go, or plan to transition to the bottle, a pillow can be the perfect right hand man to help you do so! This also means anyone can use it!

man bottle feeding baby

Not only can it help mum, but baby too!

Enough about mum, let's talk little one. As snug as a bug in a rug baby can feel when in mum's arms, a nursing pillow is super comfy during feeding time and can help them relax, and latch easier.

Minimise Reflux

Reflux is when a baby brings up milk, or is being sick during, or shortly after feeding. It commonly occurs due to baby being fed lay down and not upright enough. Using a nursing pillow to feed can ensure that baby is upright enough, and avoid this from happening. 

You don't just need to use it for nursing

Not only are they used for nursing (hence the name), they also work great for tummy time or propping baby up as they start to get a little bit bigger. Just make sure you are there to supervise your little explorer!

baby in sensory nursing pillow

What makes a good nursing pillow?

This may sound silly, a pillow's a pillow, right? Wrong. There are so many things to look out for when getting the perfect pillow.


The first thing you may think of when getting your pillow is comfort. We recommend a pearl cotton filling as not only is it super comfy for mum and baby, but it also provides ultimate support.

It's important to get one with a nursing pillow cover that can be removed. This is to ensure that you can wash it easily as let's face it, feeding time can get messy! It is also good to get a pillow with a cooling cover. This can help both baby and mum stay at a nice temperature and keep them comfortable when nursing.

nursing pillow with cooling cover


The minute you search for them, you will find pretty much all nursing pillows come in a 'U' or 'C' shape. This is because it is the perfect fit to place around you following the natural curves of your body, whilst providing optimal comfort for your little one.

baby propped up in nursing pillow


Obviously practicality is key, but who doesn't want an adorable design on their pillow! Do you know if you're having a baby girl or baby boy? Maybe you want to stay neutral, or maybe you want a whacky print? The options are endless. When searching for the best nursing pillow, don't be afraid to be picky. You want to love it!

 baby using nursing pillow to sit up

How to use a nursing pillow?

Sitting upright, place the pillow around you so the gap is slotted where your tummy is and wrapped around your waist. 

Gently lift your baby onto the pillow, holding them in your arms. This will allow the pillow to carry some of the weight for you.

When breastfeeding, baby should lie sideways with their belly facing you. This is to avoid gastric reflux or difficulties swallowing. When bottle-feeding, the baby must be in a slightly raised position with his head facing upwards. 

 woman breast feeding with nursing pillow

Nursing Pillow vs Pregnancy Pillow

Nursing pillows are usually smaller and firmer than pregnancy pillows as they provide a completely different function. They are shorter and narrower meaning that they are easy to transport when you aren't using them at home. Also, they are very flexible which makes them easier to mould to both mums and baby for the best comfort!

Pregnancy pillows ultimately provide a good nights sleep for pregnant women, and ensure they are in the best position whilst sleeping. A pregnancy pillow is also a lot bigger as it needs to help support mum to be to give those hips, pelvis and back a well earned rest.

Postpartum Recovery

Nursing pillows can be a lifesaver when it comes to feeding your little one, but don't forget about the importance of supporting your own body too. Investing in some comfortable postpartum pants, and supportive maternity bra can make all the difference in your postpartum journey.

Not only do they help with postpartum leaks and bleeding, they can apply gentle compression to encourage your postpartum body to bounce back after delivery!

So, whether you're feeding your baby or taking a much-needed nap, a nursing pillow and some comfortable postpartum underwear can be a winning combination.

Tummy Time

Tummy time plays such an important roll when it comes to baby's development as it can help strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles, promote their motor skills and allow them to start rolling over, sit up and crawl.

By introducing your nursing pillow during tummy time, you are also introducing different materials for them to engage with.

Put your baby on their belly over the pillow, with their arms and shoulders propped up on top. Watch your baby at all times, repositioning them if they start to slide down the pillow.

tummy time on nursing pillow 

Maybe your Birthing Ball was your best friend during your pregnancy? Or perhaps your Pregnancy Support Belt? Well now your little one has arrived, your Nursing Pillow is. 

You'll use it every time you feed (which can be as many as twelve times a day) and will never look back

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