Can You Take Co-Codamol During Pregnancy?

Can You Take Co-Codamol During Pregnancy?

Although Paracetamol is not known to be harmful during pregnancy, Codeine however has not yet to be ruled as safe. With Co-Codamol being a mixture of the both, you are advised to refrain from taking this during your pregnancy. You must remember that all the “blogs”, “pregnancy forums” and any other source you may find floating about on the internet, aren’t actually medically trained. Even the health care system is very uneducated when it comes to the risks and complications Codeine can bring during pregnancy.

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Can Codeine Prevent Me from Conceiving?

Because the knowledge on Codeine is very limited, we are not yet aware if there is a link between taking the drug and chances of conceiving. Even if you are there to believe that Codeine does decrease your chances of becoming pregnant, you should never just stop taking the medication. This should be a slow process and be done whilst in communication with your healthcare provider.

Can Codeine Cause Harm to My Unborn Baby?

It is a possibility that through taking Codeine during your pregnancy could cause some complications for you and the baby. One of the complications being an increased risk of Caesarean delivery. During a study, they found an increased risk of Caesarean delivery when the mother had taken Codeine for longer than two weeks. There is no solid evidence that this was solely down to taking Codeine during pregnancy. As you may well know, birth can take a different turn and it is all situational to the individual experience.

Can Taking Codeine During Pregnancy Cause Birth Defects?

If Codeine is taken daily in the third trimester there are very high chances of your baby being born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), meaning your baby will be having withdrawal symptoms from the drug consumed during pregnancy. Babies born NAS may experience any of the following;

  • Tremors,
  • Poor feeding,
  • Sleep problems,
  • Seizures,
  • Dehydration,
  • Sweating,
  • High-pitched crying,
  • Irritability and
  • Rigid or loose muscle tone.

Even with studies going on, there is yet to be one looking into the increased risk of miscarriage if Co-Codamol is taken during the pregnancy. That is not saying that there isn’t an increased chance, it simply means that there is no definitive answer as of yet. The same goes to the theory that Codeine can cause birth defects, there is just not enough evidence to rule this out or even say there is a significant risk towards your child.

You must always consult your doctor or midwife before taking any medication during pregnancy.

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