How Can I Feel Better in Pregnancy?

How Can I Feel Better in Pregnancy?

When you're new to pregnancy everyone expects to see you happy, grateful and take every moment in with you. However, when the sick bucket is your best friend, you are the size of a 3-story house and you've had no sleep for what feels like years? It's easier said than done. 

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How Do I Feel Human in Pregnancy?

You may be looking for a quick fix to feel human whilst growing a little human but that's just simply impossible. You can look for some quick tips and tricks on how to help feel somewhat better during this time. 

Heartburn during pregnancy:

Heartburn can also be known as acid reflux and is very common during pregnancy. This is when your stomach acid travels back up into the esophagus. There are a few things to avoid when trying to reduce heartburn:

  • Any drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, tea or energy drinks. 
  • Acidic foods such as orange, lemon or lime. 
  • Spices, 
  • Peppermint, 
  • Garlic, 
  • Onions, 
  • Chocolate, 
  • Fried foods, 
  • High fat foods, and 
  • Tomato based foods. 

Although you may think it is a simple gulp of Gaviscon, it's not that simple when pregnant. Avoid taking any antacids before contacting your healthcare provider. 

Poor appetite:

You may feel like you no longer want to eat anything and you will go in and out of these feelings. You need to keep your energy levels up and we have came up with a few ways of meeting these needs:

  • Eat dried fruits, cheese and avocado
  • Try and indulge in smoothies containing high amounts of protein
  • Eat small, more frequent meals and snacks throughout the day.  

Poor appetite

Nausea during pregnancy:

Over 50% of women suffer with morning sickness, or for some, all day sickness. This is normal and as long as you are eating when you can and keeping hydrated then you and your baby will continue to stay healthy. We have put together a few ways in which can help you plod on during these times of pregnancy. 

  • Ginger can be taken in form of a drink or capsules throughout the day. 
  • Dry crackers will be your best friend. 
  • Ensure to keep taking small sips of a drink throughout the day, stay hydrated.
  • Make sure you're eating small, frequent meals and snacks.
  • Avoid drinking before, during or directly after a meal. 

Constipation during pregnancy:

During pregnancy your body is making changes and adapting to this new life you have whilst growing a baby. One of these changes is your food passes through your body at a much slower rate in order to absorb all the necessary nutrients for both you and your baby. In order to help you manage with constipation you can try the following steps. 

  • Engaging in physical activity or light exercise can help keep your body working as it should. Including your bowels. 
  • You can try including prunes, pears and apples into your diet. 
  • Include more high fibre foods, at least 28g of fibre a day. 
  • Again, drink plenty throughout the day. 



Swelling during pregnancy:

Water retention is very common during the third trimester and be a bit of a struggle for many women during this time. You may notice the swelling in your hands, feet and ankles. You will just want someone to come along and "pop" you but we have some tips and tricks in order to help reduce the swelling, or try at least. 

  • Whilst resting or sitting, ensure your feet are up and avoid crossing your legs. 
  • Staying active during pregnancy can help and engaging in light exercise can increase mobility throughout the third trimester. 
  • Limit the amount of high salt snacks you have in the day. 
  • It is important to keep drinking plenty of fluids, even if you feel bloated. 

When Do I Feel better in Pregnancy?

You could be one of the lucky ones and experience no pregnancy symptoms at all during the whole 9 months. So there is no definitive answer to this question because every woman is different, even each pregnancy is different. It is common for you to feel better after the first trimester and to feel more like yourself, pre-pregnancy. You can take prenatal vitamins and this can continue to help with the process of helping you feel somewhat human. 

So, Can I Feel Human in Pregnancy?

The same as the rest of us, you were probably hoping for a miracle and wanted us to tell you to to find this tablet online which removes all pregnancy symptoms. But instead we have informed you to "drink plenty" and "get exercise". Not what you want to hear right?

The truth is, you're going to feel rubbish from time to time during the pregnancy. You're growing a human after all. We have however provided you with tips and tricks in order to help ease and prevent some of the worst pregnancy symptoms. If you do feel like you're not feeling well or some symptoms are getting worse rather than better, please do contact your health care provider. 

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