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How To Induce Labour Naturally?

You might be at the end of your pregnancy, even over your due date and find yourself longing for this baby to make their appearance. You'd try anything right? Well...

You might be at the end of your pregnancy, even over your due date and find yourself longing for this baby to make their appearance. You'd try anything right? Well here are a few tips and tricks to bring that special day just that little bit faster. 

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What Does "Induce" Mean?

The word induce is usually used as a medical term which means you have a select date to attend the hospital to be "induced" meaning to bring labour on. This is where a drug is used to make your body create contractions to enable your body to have a kick start for labour. Whilst the hospital is usually the trained professional to be the one inducing, however, women have taken this is into their own hands. Over the years, women led to believe there are safe & natural ways to bring on labour yourself at home. 

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How Can I Induce Labour Naturally?

Women have been trying for a number of years to have their babies on or before their due date as patience no longer exists at the end of a long 9 months of labour. Here are a few methods that are tried and tested by women all around the world;

🛢️Castor Oil:

Castor oil is probably not the one you'd rather try, it's pretty vile, and can cause some pretty ugly side effects. This is a laxative so this is why it's causing you to contract but with it being a laxative, it can cause diarrhoea. 


Pineapple will be on your shopping list more than ever after trying this. Pineapple, specifically the core, contains an enzyme called Bromelain. This breaks down the proteins in the tissue, in this case it would be the tissue of the cervix. However, this is not scientifically proven so could all just be a myth. 


Now this was the means of you now being 9 months pregnant and trying to get the baby out of you ASAP. And whilst sexual intercourse might be last on the list of things you want to be doing at the minute, you may reconsider after reading this. Engaging in sexual intercourse has been known, or maybe it's just a coincidence, to induce labour for those who are at the very end of their pregnancy & keep regularly trying. 

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🍛Spicy foods:

This method works the same way castor oil does and again can lead to some nasty side effects. i.e upset stomach. You may regret your choice of a vindaloo as your best friend will soon be the loo. You may experience heartburn after this also and after having a pregnancy filled with this (i should expect), i can presume you will want to prevent this at all costs. 

🏥Membrane Strip:

Membrane stripping sounds like a high school science project that you'd most definitely want to sit out. Also known as a Cervical Sweep and is a procedure is where the midwife, or your doctor, swipes their finger around your cervix which will then begin to separate the sac surrounding your baby away from the cervix. This increases the chance of you going into labour naturally but will only be successful in a number of women. This is usually done around the 38 week mark. 

⛹️‍♀️Birthing Ball:

Unlock the benefits of the BABYGO birthing ball

Light exercise is ok during pregnancy but whilst there is no proven exercise to actually induce labour, it can keep you fit during the 9 months. Certain exercises, including bouncing on a birthing ball can help bring on labour. We have a number of helpful exercises in our pregnancy book, that comes along with your BABYGO Birthing Ball to help ease the pain of the contractions as well as speed the labour along. 

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Is It Safe to Naturally Induce Labour Yourself?

Everything you do, you should have your baby in mind. We believe baby's come at their own time, but we still understand that your patience is wearing thin towards the end of your pregnancy. But please do remember than anything you may do to "induce" labour, may cause your baby distress which can be dangerous for the baby and yourself. Whilst everything above is considered safe, the options for bringing your labour on is discussed at your 38 week antenatal appointment. Before doing anything, you should discuss this with your healthcare professional. 

When Can I Begin to Try the Inducing Methods?

It is recommended by doctors to remain pregnant until at least 39 weeks, although inducing methods are discussed around 38 weeks. It is safer to wait until 38-39 weeks as your baby is still using that time to develop. But as we have said previously, before you do anything to induce labour, you should speak to your midwife or doctor. 


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