Do Your Nipples Itch During Pregnancy?

Do Your Nipples Itch During Pregnancy?

Are you experiencing an itching sensation that is making you get weird looks in the supermarkets? Itchy nipples are a very common but very embarrassing symptom of pregnancy. You can find yourself a professional at the scratching on the sly with a little arm nudge. Or you can take the less discreet option and go full out rubbing up a wall like a dog with a flea. 

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How Will My Nipples Change During Pregnancy?

Your nipples will change during pregnancy, as will the rest of your body. Your nipples will become more sensitive and you may notice other changes, as follows:

  • Dryness, 
  • Hard, 
  • Erect, 
  • Sore, 
  • Red, 
  • Darker, 
  • Larger, 
  • Burning, 
  • Crusty, 
  • White spots,
  • Cracked. 

Is It Normal For My Nipples to Itch?

You can experience itchy/irritated skin due to an increase/change in hormones and this is to be expected. You may also experience your skin drying out as your body is growing with your baby and your skin is having to stretch over a larger surface area. You may notice that this itchiness does magically disappear after the delivery of your little one. This is not to say you're going to experience this the whole of your pregnancy. - I know you all got slightly put off pregnancy then. If you notice the itchiness getting progressively worse or you begin to see changes to the areas of skin then you must see your healthcare provider. 

It may be other parts of your body that are incredibly itchy also, such as:

  • Hands, 
  • Feet, 
  • Legs, 
  • Tummy, 
  • Breasts, 
  • Bum, and 
  • Face. 

How Can I Stop My Skin Itching?

There a number of things you can do to stop or reduce the itchiness of the areas and you are best following a few of these to avoid your skin being irritated any further. You should try:

  • Try a humidifier in the bedroom to prevent the drying out of your skin. 
  • Wear loose, breathable, light cotton clothing to avoid skin irritation. 
  • Avoid hot baths or showers.
  • Try a soothing lotion, preferably one for sensitive skin. 
  • There are actual nipple creams which can help not only for pregnancy but for breastfeeding. 
  • Try placing a damp towel over the itchy area. 
  • Resist scratching the area as this causes more itchiness and more irritation. 

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