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Can You Be Pregnant with No Pregnancy Symptoms?

Have you ever seen "I didn't know I was pregnant" and thought it's nothing but a lie? How can you possibly not know a human was growing inside of you?...

Have you ever seen "I didn't know I was pregnant" and thought it's nothing but a lie? How can you possibly not know a human was growing inside of you? We all think the same, until it happens to us. 

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Can I Be Pregnant with No Symptoms?

It is commonly known for a woman to be struck down with the dreaded pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, weight gain and craving the most bizarre foods known to man. Whilst most of us would do anything to escape the ill feelings during pregnancy. Others could have done with it, just as a warning sign that at any moment they could give birth to a newborn. 

Another question for those who "didn't know I was pregnant until I gave birth" is why on earth didn't you question being that late? Why when you missed a period, didn't you go into panic mode and head straight to the chemist for your new best friend, a pregnancy test. However, many women can often have irregular periods or not have a "time of the month" at all. 

Why Have I Not Got Any Pregnancy Symptoms?

Denied Pregnancy:

Denied Pregnancy is when women have ongoing mental health issues which prevent them from recognising or accepting that they're going to have a baby. This could be one reason as to why you make it all the way through your pregnancy without realising or coming to terms that you're having a baby. 

Period Problems:

As mentioned before a woman can have irregular periods because of many reasons. An example being if they have previously had an eating disorder or mental health problems which have a rather large affect on your body and how it works. So for the individuals who don't have regular periods, often a missed period can not spring the idea of pregnancy to mind. It is usually the normal for them so they may not be aware of pregnancy for a longer period of time. 

Stress or Fear of Pregnancy:

This lies hand in hand with "denied pregnancy". A person may be too scared or overwhelmed to accept the fact they are pregnant. Becoming a mother is a very stressful and sometimes a harsh reality for a person to accept or come to terms with. Many people don't know who to turn to when they think they might be pregnant and sometimes anxiety can take over and advise your body to just ignore the situation, instead of dealing with it. 

Weight Matters:

If a woman's weight pre-pregnancy is already on the larger side, the weight changes may go unnoticed. This could cause a woman to go further in her pregnancy without actually noticing a difference in weight. 

Positioning of Baby:

If the placenta is positioned in front of her uterus then there is a chance she may not feel the movements of the baby. This can often be the number one question as to why they didn't know they were pregnant but it is not uncommon to not feel the baby move throughout the pregnancy for a number of reasons. 


What Should I Do If I Have Pregnancy Symptoms?

If you experience one of the following, you should take a pregnancy test or consult your doctor. 

  • Late or missed period. 
  • Swollen/tender breasts. 
  • Cramps in lower abdomen. 
  • Strange taste in your mouth. 
  • Frequent headaches. 
  • Feeling nauseous and/or being sick. 
  • Feeling more tired than usual. 
  • Needing to wee more often than usual. 
  • Sudden change in mood. 

Be aware it may be too early to take a pregnancy test at your stage so just because your test was negative, doesn't always mean you're not pregnant. 


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