How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy?

How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy?

Weight gain should be the last of your worries whilst being pregnant. It's the best time to eat like a pig and blame it on "baby weight gain". Even with that said, you may still be conscious of the weight you're gaining during the nine months and it's good to know what's normal and not. 

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Will I Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

It is inevitable that a woman, carrying a growing baby for 9 months, will put on a few pounds. That's nothing new. What people tend to forget is that the whole amount of weight gain is not fat, it's a number of things such as:

  • Your growing baby, 
  • Natural fluid retention, 
  • Your increased blood supply, 
  • Amniotic fluid, 
  • Placenta, 
  • Your breasts, and
  • Percentage of fat. 

As long as your weight gain is put on at a steady pace and is a healthy weight for both you and baby, then this is perfectly normal. Your weight will be something monitored but it will only be monitored closely if you're underweight or overweight for your body type as this could be dangerous for both you and your baby. 

How Much Weight Will I Gain During Pregnancy?

If you start pregnancy at a healthy weight, you should expect to gain weight at a very steady pace which is healthy for both you and your little one. You may be expected to gain around 1-5 pounds during the first trimester. This may not always be the case as many people do experience a weight loss during the first 3 months as they experience the dreaded morning sickness. As this morning sickness phase is taking priority, you may reduce your food intake or lose the food intake through being sick on a daily basis. After the first trimester it is known for a woman to put up to a pound per week for the rest of the pregnancy. 

If you would like a more specific amount of weight that you should gain during pregnancy you can use a pregnancy weight gain calculator. Your midwife will also be able to give you a more specific number as they have all of your notes to be able to calculate that amount. 


Is It Bad to Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

You're expected to gain weight during pregnancy, after all, you're growing a baby. You're going to continue to grow with your baby and your body is made to grow to accommodate your little one. Gaining too much weight, especially at such a quick rate, for your body type can cause a number of complications during your pregnancy, such as:

  • Miscarriage or stillbirth, 
  • A larger baby (making labour and delivery difficult), 
  • High blood pressure, 
  • Sleep apnea, 
  • Risks of preeclampsia, 
  • C-section may be needed, 
  • Risk of infections after c-section, 
  • Gestational diabetes. 

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