20 Days of Christmas with BABYGO [GIVEAWAY]

20 Days of Christmas with BABYGO [GIVEAWAY]

The Christmas countdown is on and to get in the Christmas spirit, we are holding a giveaway a day. From our BABYGO birthing ball to a new born hamper for your little one on the way, we've got it all. 

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Details of the Giveaway

20 Days of Christmas. 20 giveaways. 20 gifts to win. 

Everyday at 12pm a giveaway will be announced over on our Instagram. We will be choosing a gift each day to be given away during the festive season. There will be a total of 20 gifts that will make a grand total of over £500. This will range from the perfect essentials for you and your baby to unnecessary purchases to just make pregnancy that little bit more enjoyable. 

The giveaways will run daily from the 1st - 20th of December, meaning we will have 20 lucky winners. Winners will be announced on our stories, tagging you in and we will then message you to get the gift sent over to you.

*Ensure your account is not on private*


What to Expect?

20 days. 20 gifts. 20 winners. 

We have hand picked the perfect gifts for both mother and baby, even a few in there that dad may enjoy. We don't want to give every gift away, so here are a few ideas which you can expect over the next 20 days of Christmas. 


Mum's "ME TIME" Pamper Set

Time to treat yourself, preganancy isn't easy, and you need to look your best whilst growing your little one. This pamper set contains the necessitites to truly sit back, put your feet up, and unwind. Contents of this package include; 

  • Pink himalyan bath salts, 
  • Body exfoliating pad, 
  • Soy wax lavander aromatherapy candle, 
  • Super soft bed socks, 
  • Blackout eye mask, 
  • "Do Not Disturb" sign, 
  • Nail grooming kit, 
  • Foam toe separators, and
  • Head massager.


Luxury Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

Get excited for your little one to arrive (boy or girl) with this adorable little hamper. This hamper is perfect for those who are keeping the gender a surprise but still want to be prepared in time for the arrival. This hamper contains;

  • 2 pack little grey london muslins,
  • Giraffe print blanket, 
  • Giraffe print swaddle wrap, 
  • Giraffe print comforter teddy, 
  • Pair of knitted booties, 
  • 2 triangle dribble bibs, 
  • Pack of memory cards. 


BABYGO Birthing Ball

Enjoy your pregnancy pain free with our birthing ball. Relieve your back pain, tackle sciatica and keep fit using our new 100 page pregnancy book. This is a perfect tool for pregnancy, labour and postpartum. We couldn't pass a BABYGO giveaway without adding one of our birthing balls. 


The Yankee Candle Scented Candle Bouquet

You can sit and enjoy a box of Maltesers Truffles by the smell of your new Yankee Candles. This is something that unless devoured within seconds of opening, your partner may get in there first. Nothing but wrappers in sight. This is a beautiful gift, pregnant or not. But it will certainly curb your pregnancy chocolate cravings. 

How to Enter the Giveaway?

Entering couldn't be made more simple. You can enter the giveaway multiple times and we would love it if you shared for so many more people to get involved. All you need to do to enter the giveaway is; 

- Like the Instagram post, 

- Follow @babygo.uk on Instagram, 

- Tag 3 friends in the comments. 

So, if you're pregnant, bored and feeling lucky? This giveaway is made for you! 

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 Best of Luck! 



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