Baby Proofing 101: A Parent's Guide

Baby Proofing 101: A Parent's Guide

From curious crawlers to adventurous toddlers, this blog is your go-to resource for navigating the world of baby proofing. We'll walk you through practical tips, ingenious hacks, and must-have safety products to safeguard every nook and cranny of your home.

Parenthood is a thrilling journey, one minute you're quietly watching Peppa Pig, and the next your entire cutlery tray is sprawled across the kitchen floor. 

With our friendly advice and expert insights, you can transform your home into a haven where your little explorer can thrive safely.

Let's embark on this journey together!

two toddlers opening drawer


  1. Baby Proofing Lowdown
  2. Your Child Safety Checklist
  3. Child Safety Locks You Need to Know About
  4. How to Baby Proof Your Home
  5. Tips, Tricks & Must Haves!
  6. Your Questions Answered
  7. Let’s Recap!

Baby Proofing Lowdown

Let me tell you a little's a lot more straight forward than you may think.

The ultimate guide to baby-proofing your home may involve thorough assessment and implementation of safety measures throughout every room, but we are here to help!

A good place to start is to identify potential hazards. Sharp corners, electrical outlets, small objects that sort of thing. Use baby corner protectors and secure cabinets with child safety cupboard locks to mitigate these risks.

Stay vigilant and proactive in maintaining a safe environment for your little one to explore and thrive in.

Top Tip:

Regularly reassess your baby proofing measures as your child grows and becomes more mobile. 

Your Child Safety Checklist

That's right, the ultimate checklist to a baby proof home. We have designed the perfect baby proofing kit to ensure your home is safe and sound for the whole family!

Magnetic Child Safety Locks

Baby proof cupboards and drawers in seconds with our easy installation locks. With no DIY skills needed and no drilling required, it really couldn't be easier! Invisible to the eye (because we understand the importance of home decor), they can also be enabled and disabled at any time giving you full flexibility. Activate them with a simple flick when baby is exploring and deactivate them when they're not around.

child safety cupboard locks

Safety Straps

Versatile, multifunctional and totally adjustable, our child safety straps can be used for anything and everything! Not only are they perfect for cupboards and drawers, but also toilets, fridges, microwaves, bins, cabinets, and ovens. Tested to repel a force of 30kg, you can have full piece of mind knowing that your little one won't be getting into where they shouldn't.

child safety straps

Door Stop

We've all been there, that slow motion moment when your child is swinging on the door, and you see it closing with their fingers right where it's going to trap them. Well, these wonders keep doors from slamming shut, saving tiny fingers one door close at a time! Activate and deactivate whenever you like, we have white and black door stops which can be installed in seconds!

door stopper

Oven Lock

Not only can fingers get trapped in the oven door too, but this time it can be HOT! Oven locks are like trusty sidekicks in the kitchen, making sure little ones stay safe. They're easy to use and give parents peace of mind knowing that curious kiddos can't get into any trouble. With oven locks, cooking can be both fun and safe!

oven lock

Corner Protectors

Our child safety corner protectors put your mind at ease when baby proofing corners of tables, cabinets and well, anything that's the perfect height for a bumped head. Super easy to install, they have no lasting damage on your furniture and guarantee a secure fit. Not only that, they're made from bite proof material for that extra bit of safety!

corner protectors

Child Safety Locks You Need to Know About 

You may be thinking well they're all the same right? Wrong. Choosing the right ones is crucial and different locks can have all different kinds of benefits. Let's delve into the big wide world of a child lock

Our magnetic child safety locks stand out as the top choice for keeping your home secure and your little ones safe. With an effortless installation process that takes just 30 seconds, they're a breeze to set up without any need for DIY skills or drilling.

Once in place, these locks remain invisible to the eye, seamlessly blending into your furniture and cabinets.

Their magnetic mechanism allows you to activate and deactivate them at any time with ease, providing convenient access when needed and ensuring robust protection when not in use. 

How to Install our Child Safety Locks

1. Prepare your surface by cleaning the area where the locks are being placed. 

2. Take the applicator tool and place the lock and catch in position. 

3. Peel off the sticker backing for the catch and place this into an upright, sideway or downward position depending on your furniture. 

4. Then, peel off the sticker backing for the lock, close the cupboard and apply pressure. Allow the 3M tape to bond for 5 minutes. 

5. Open the cupboard/drawer and remove the applicator from the catch. 

6. Apply pressure on the hook to enable the locking function, allowing this to hook onto the catch and lock the cupboard/drawer. 

7. Use your BABYGO® Key to unlock the cupboard/drawer by placing the lock infront of the place you have installed it.

8. You can use our optional lock placement stickers to allow you to target the lock when you need to open the cupboard/drawer. 

Simple to use and highly effective, our magnetic child safety locks offer unparalleled peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

With their hassle-free installation, discreet design, and versatile functionality, they're the ultimate solution for childproofing your home without sacrificing style or convenience.

How to Enable and Disable my Child Cupboard Locks

Unlike traditional locks, you have full flexibility to use them however you like. Grandkids round for a Sunday dinner? You can simply activate them on their arrival, and deactivate them when they leave. It really is that simple! 

Unlocking your magnetic door locks is a breeze and only takes seconds. Just flip the hook on your lock catch upward to deactivate the locking mechanism, and downward to reactivate it. Easy as pie!

How to Remove your Safety Locks Completely

Now we understand as much as you may want them to, they can't stay little forever. And you may be thinking you want to remove your locks (unless you want to keep them installed to hide your favourite snacks from your partner). Doing so is super easy and can be done in a flash.

Being bonded with 3M adhesive tape means they can be removed without any mess or lasting damage to your furniture (no screws being the trick). That means they guarantee a clean and easy removal every time. How you may ask? Apply a little heat to loosen the adhesive using a hair dryer, and there you have it! 

We use 3M adhesive for our other child safety products so can use the same method for removing them too!

removing child safety locks

Top Tip:

Carefully placing floss behind the 3M adhesive and slowly seesawing it from side to side can also remove your locks too!

How to Baby Proof Your Home

The Kitchen

Possibly one of the rooms with the most hazards...the kitchen. Knives, forks, scissors – you name it, they're off-limits for little hands. Store them safely away in a drawer or cupboard, secured with child safety straps or child safety cupboard locks to keep them out of reach.

When cooking, stick to the back burner of your hob to prevent curious fingers from reaching out for pots and pans. And don't forget about the oven! Invest in an oven lock to keep it shut tight and your little chef safe.

Now, think about your dishes and glassware. Even if they're out of reach on high shelves, adventurous tots have a knack for climbing. Use cupboard locks and straps to keep them from grabbing anything fragile and smash-able.

Ah, not forgetting the infamous under-sink cabinet – home to all those cleaning products. It's best to consolidate them into one cupboard and lock it up tight. Consider using safety straps or child safety locks with a magnetic key for added security.

toddler in kitchen drawers

The Living Room

Let's start with the TV. It's like a magnet for curious eyes, especially when cartoons are on! But to keep it safe and sound (and upright), let's secure it to the wall.

Now, for the furniture. Whether it's a low coffee table or lamp stand, they're just waiting to bump their little heads. But worry not! Adding soft table corner protectors will cushion any bumps and save us all from tears and tantrums.

Speaking of low table's, try to put hot drinks on higher up surfaces and out of reach so you can thoroughly enjoy a nice cuppa after a long day. 

If you've got a fire, it's definitely worth looking into having a baby proof fireplace! Those dancing flames are mesmerising, but safety screens will keep your kiddo at a safe distance and avoid injury.

Are you into interior decor by any chance? Then let's keep those posh mirrors and fancy frames out of reach to avoid any impromptu redecorating (and dodge seven years of bad luck!).

toddler playing in living room

The Bathroom

If you want to ensure your baby stays out of the bathroom altogether, consider installing a small lock or chain on the door out of their reach. Get into the habit of keeping it locked for added safety.

Water is fascinating, but it can also be a hazard. Consider adding a tap guard to the bath tap to prevent any accidental bumps. 

Using a toilet seat lock or safety strap to secure the toilet is also a good idea. Curious fingers can easily get trapped, and there's nothing to say your child won't want to attempt to climb the toilet which could lead to falling off, or even in!

Not forgetting those splashy baths! Non-slip bath mats are a lifesaver, especially as your little one starts finding their feet. They'll provide stability, and prevent any slips or falls.

Remember those days of potion-making with bathroom products? To avoid any surprise concoctions, stash away any hazardous items from your bathroom cabinets. It's also worth investing in children's cupboard locks for extra peace of mind.

toddler in bathroom

Other Areas Around the House


Ahhh the floors. An assault course to dodge every toy, baby bouncer and pack of nappies. Make sure small and dangerous objects they can grab or put in their mouth are out of reach. Securing rugs to the floor will not only stop them from slipping or tripping up, but also you if you're carrying them.

baby sat on rug


Using window restrictors will ensure that they don't open all the way out and prevent your child from falling. By removing furniture will also stop them from climbing up onto the window sill. 

window restrictor


By getting some door stops, you can prevent little hands and fingers from getting trapped because we all know how easily that can happen. For added safety you can use a baby gate to restrict doorways altogether.

baby opening door


Speaking of which, a baby stair gate is also perfect for closing off the stairs. Once your little one is crawling, walking and learning the climb, the stairs are an exciting and interesting way to explore! Making sure they're out of bounds is a great way to stop them. 

baby behind stair gate

Plug socket covers

We don't provide plug socket covers as they can actually be worse to have! They can overheat and cause damage to your sockets, and modern plug sockets already have safety mechanisms that close off access to the mains.

plug socket covers

Tips, Tricks & Must Haves!

⬇️ Get down to their level: Crawl around your home to see things from your baby's perspective. You'll spot potential hazards like sharp corners, dangling cords, or small objects that could be choking hazards.

⚓️ Anchor furniture: Secure heavy furniture like bookcases and dressers to the wall to prevent tipping accidents. Anti-tip brackets or straps are inexpensive and easy to install.

⚠️ Create safety zones: Designate certain areas of your home as safe zones where your baby can play safely, and you can have peace of mind. Use a childs safety gate to block off dangerous areas like staircases or rooms with potential hazards.

🪴 Be mindful of plants: Some indoor plants can be toxic if ingested. Keep poisonous plants out of reach or consider replacing them with baby-friendly alternatives.

🔑 Watch out for small objects: Don't leave small or potentially harmful items around within your baby's reach as they are likely to put them into their mouth.

🥵 Check radiators: Be cautious of the temperature of your radiators as your child could be injured by a hot radiator if it is easy to get to them.

🤷🏼‍♀️ Get spares: We all know what it's like living with a little one, things are bound to go missing. We recommend investing in some spare magnetic keys so you don't need to worry about locking yourself out that snack cupboard!

magnetic safety keys

Your Questions Answered

Why should I baby proof my home? 

Baby-proofing your home is crucial to ensure your child's safety. It prevents accidents like falls, burns, choking, and consuming hazardous liquids. Knowing your home is safe grants peace of mind, letting you focus on caring for your child. It also aids in their developmental milestones by providing a secure environment to explore. Baby proofing saves time and stress by reducing the need for constant supervision. 

When should I start to baby proof my house?

It's never too early to start baby proofing when you have a little one on the way. Some people like to be one step ahead and do it before they arrive, whereas others tend to do it when they've taken that important journey home. So long as it's all up and running by the time baby becomes more mobile (usually around 4-6 months) then you'll be good to go!

How long will it take to baby proof my home?

I mean how long's a piece of string right? This really depends on the lengths you want to go to ensure your home is safe. Usually it may only take an hour or so as a lot of child safety products take just seconds to install. A great way to start is with the BABYGO® Baby Proofing Kit! Ideally you should be able to baby proof your house in no more than a day.

Let's Recap!

  • Don't forget your checklist: Safety straps, door stopper, oven locks, corner protectors, child safety locks.
  • Baby proofing doesn't have to be hard: With quick and easy application, you don't need to worry about a thing when it comes to installing your kit.
  • Complete flexibility: Activate and deactivate whenever you like for complete freedom but ultimate safety.
  • 3M adhesive is your friend: No mess or lasting damage, and super easy to remove once you are finished with it.
  • Break it down: Take each room step by step to ensure that you cover all grounds of your home for a thorough job.
  • It's never too early: If you're wanting to get one step ahead and be prepared, then why not start now? It's never too early to give your little one complete safety when exploring round the home.

funny baby with face against window

And that's a wrap. From baby proof drawers to kitchen cupboard doors, now you have all the knowledge you need to set up your home as the ultimate baby safe space.

As you embark on this adventure called parenthood, remember that baby proofing isn't just about covering sharp edges or locking cabinets; it's about creating a safe haven where your little one can explore, learn, and yes, occasionally get into some mischief too!

Let us know your baby proofing tips!

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