5 Relaxing Babymoon Ideas For You and Your Partner!

If you’re expecting your first baby, then you’ve probably gotten used to all the advice by now: spend as much quality time as possible with your other half. After all, it’s true that once your baby is born, he/she will be getting most of your attention, and they might be very little quality time that the two of you can spend together.

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What is a Babymoon anyway?

If this is the first time you’re coming across this term, then a Babymoon is no different than a Honeymoon: you get to spend a little quality time with your partner while the baby is still nicely tucked away!

Contrary to popular belief and old wives’ tales, moving around and traveling is perfectly safe while you’re pregnant. In fact, many mothers stay active throughout pregnancy by going to the gym regularly, taking pregnancy yoga classes and going on babymoon holidays. So if you have any doubts about whether babymooning is safe, you can put them rest now.

Staying active and taking pregnancy holidays to enjoy beautiful sights and sounds with your partner is actually very healthy for you, and even healthier for the baby.

So why not use this opportunity to reflect on everything the two of you have been through and go on a little babymoon before the little one arrives? Here are five of the best ideas for planning a babymoon for yourself and your partner:

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Babymoon Spa Breaks

babymoon spa breaks

Think about it: the one time that you truly need to relax and pamper yourself is during pregnancy. And can you think of a better place to do that than a spa getaway?

Pregnancy holiday spa retreats for couples are among the most popular things to do for babymooners who are looking for a beautiful and serene setting to truly bond before their baby arrives. Babymoon spa breaks are available all across the UK and they are of great way of enjoying your pre-pregnancy time together.

Imagine getting long and relaxing massages, chilling out in the Jacuzzi and sauna, pampering yourself endlessly with manicures and pedicures, getting facials and breakfast in bed, going for a gentle swim – the works!

As a mother to be, you deserve all this pampering. You need some peace and quiet to get away from it all and enjoy those special moments with your partner – because once your baby is born, you may not have as many opportunities to cherish your relationship – at least not for a while.

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Budget Babymoon

budget babymoon york

Expecting a baby is serious business – which means you have to think carefully about how much you save and where you spend your money. If a fancy babymoon holiday is not on the cards, don’t worry. You can still connect with your partner by going on a local babymoon – perhaps that cute little town an hour away, where you might book a budget hotel.

If you Google “babymoon getaways near me”, you might find it surprising to discover how many interesting places there are around you to spend time away from home and enjoy the sights and sounds.  Other budget babymooning ideas include:

  • Book a local hotel that includes breakfast
  • Plan early in your pregnancy to get the best pregnancy holiday deals
  • Do most of your travelling midweek or during an off-peak season
  • Book an Airbnb room but skimp out on the eating entirely. This leaves you with some extra money to spend on babymoon activities you can both enjoy, including fun spa visits. Besides, you and your partner can do all the cooking yourself – a great opportunity to bond.
  • Make use of Groupon for hotel bookings, restaurants, spa packages, etc.

Babymoon UK Destinations

Being pregnant in the UK is absolutely fantastic! Because here, you’ll find some of the best babymoon destinations:

Northern Lights, Scotland

northern lights babymoon

Imagine sitting under the night sky and watching the stars until the sun starts to break at the horizon – could there possibly be anything more romantic?

Seaside Cottage, Devon

Everybody loves to be around the ocean – the sounds of the waves crashing and that soothing blue-green colour – it’s a real treat for the senses to say the least. If you fancy relaxing with your partner in a serene and quiet place, then this seaside cottage is next to heaven.

Castlemartyr Resort, Ireland

Picture a five star hotel surrounded by the beauty and allure of County Cork, Ireland. Lush and large green gardens are aplenty, as are luxurious swimming pools and a gym. Other amenities include vitality lounges, a jet pool, sauna and steam room.

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Babymoon Packages Europe

babymoon packages europe

When it comes to experiencing good babymoon trips, there’s nothing quite like Babymooning packages in Europe.

Paris, for instance, has a near endless array of baby boutiques and happens to be a superb prenatal shopping destination. You’ll see plenty of expecting couples enjoying a romantic cruise or getting their prenatal spa treatments.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is among the best and dreamiest places to visit during pregnancy. The local culture and attractions make for a very relaxing pregnancy holiday spot. Stay at one of the hotels, which offer lots of babymooning amenities and “barefoot” luxury, or attend yoga lessons specifically tailored for pregnant mothers.

But if you want to keep it local, then check out the Cotswolds countryside retreat. Take in the luxurious 18-room Barnsley House with its dedicated kitchen garden, restaurant, village pub, cinema and secluded spa.

Babymoon Weekend

babymoon weekend pregnancy

Some of us just don’t have the time to go on babymoon holidays for the entire week or even a few days, and that’s totally understandable. As badly as you want to, at times, the only thing you can do perhaps due to budget limitations or other obligations, is go for a babymoon weekend.

Also, for a fact, it simply isn’t feasible for every couple to take an extended break before their baby arrives – with all the stuff they have to do at home and at the workplace. So go ahead and book a treatment or two at your local spa. Or look for a “babymoon getaway near me” where they will spare no expense in pampering the living daylights out of the two of you!

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