Overcoming Morning Sickness In Pregnancy 🥴

Overcoming Morning Sickness In Pregnancy 🥴

Sickness in pregnancy can really take its toll on your body and how you feel on a day to day life. We have everything you should know about pregnancy sickness and some great remedies for you to try!

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Early Sickness In Pregnancy

Is it normal?

Experiencing sickness and nausea during pregnancy is completely normal.

Everyone has heard of morning sickness, but did you know this "morning sickness" can occur at any time of day, whether the sun is rising or setting.

Normally nausea symptoms start from around the 6th week of pregnancy and can last up until the 14th week. However, it isn't uncommon for women to start to feel sick after a few days of conceiving

Some women though can experience nausea and morning sickness later on in their pregnancy. 

What Does Morning Sickness & Nausea Feel Like? 

Typical symptoms include 

  • A queasy feeling that some women say feels like car sickness/seasickness 
  • Heightened sensitivity to smell
  • Vomiting 
  • Feeling immediately after eating 

What Can Trigger Nausea In Pregnancy?

There is no exact trigger that can cause morning sickness during pregnancy.

Another reason for extreme nausea could be the fact, that your sense of smell has heightened and you are more sensitive to some odors more than what you were before you were pregnant.  

Why Do You Experience Morning Sickness?

Studies do show that the increase in hormone levels in the first few weeks of pregnancy, can cause you to feel nauseous. 

How To Deal With Sickness In Pregnancy On A Day To Day Basis 

Feeling sick isn't nice at any time, but when it feels like it overruns your day to day life, there must be some ways to make dealing with this pregnancy sickness easier!  

Dealing With Pregnancy Sickness At Work

First things first, is planning your commute to work! Often nausea and vomiting can lead you to feel quite lethargic, which means driving to work would be a definite no go. 

You can try catching public transport, catch a taxi or car-sharing with someone who you work with who lives near you. 

Here are some tips to help you get through your commute whether you are catching public transport or driving

  • Have a water bottle with you at all times. This will help settle your stomach and also keep you hydrated
  • If you have been prone to vomiting, keeping travel sickness bags with you or in your car at all times, will be a lifesaver if you get a sudden urge to be sick.
  • Only if it's possible, have a nice supply of fresh air flowing throughout the car or open up a window near you on public transport. 
  •  Give yourself plenty of time to get to work, you don't want to cause stress that may lead to feeling nauseous. It also gives you the opportunity to pull over in a safe place if necessary. 

Now that you are at work you may have been sick on the way or as soon as you arrived. Here are the things that are essential to keep in a washbag in your draw or in your handbag! 

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush to freshen up your breath 
  • Some makeup to touch up areas that might have faded after wiping your face 
  • Tissues or face wipes 
  • Travel sickness bags 

     Am I Entitled To Sickness Pay As Normal? 

    Becoming pregnant and knowing your rights as an employee is very important! You are entitled to your sick pay, even if it is for morning sickness or nausea throughout your pregnancy. 

    Your manager or management should be made aware if you are suffering day to day with sickness.

    Are Anti Sickness Tablets Safe? 

    Anti sickness tablets are generally safe during pregnancy. Although they might not work on some women. 

    The recommended one is cyclizine. Often some antihistamines work as antiemetics to treat sickness and nausea.   

    Old Wives Tales Of Pregnancy Sickness  

    Can You Not Experience Morning Sickness?

    Newly found research shows that women who experience morning sickness may be at lower risk of miscarriage. We want to ensure you that this is not the case

    Don't worry yourself sick, just because you haven’t experienced nausea or morning sickness you may be experiencing a miscarriage.  

    You're Definitely Having A Girl They Say...

    You may have been told, that if you are experiencing extreme nausea or morning sickness, you are having a girl. Studies do show that if you have Hyperemesis Gravidrum you are more likely to give birth to a girl! 

    You Must Be Having A Hairy Baby!

    Another strange old wives' tale is that if you are suffering severe heartburn, you will give birth to a hairy baby! Sounds like a myth, right? 

    Studies from John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore found that women who suffered from moderate heartburn, 82 percent of the time they had hairy new-borns.


    🍴 Sticking To Eating The Same Food Is The Best Policy!

    Even if that does mean eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's best to just stay away from all the things you know what will trigger you to feel sick. 

    Also, eating at the same time every day will also ease the sickness feeling. 

    🍪 Eating Ginger 

    Research suggests that ginger settles an upset stomach. 

    If you wake up first thing feeling nauseous, the first thing you should try to stomach is something with ginger in. 

    Foods like ginger biscuits, ginger tea, and also ginger beer (alcohol-free) can all help you to feel a little less nauseous. 

    💨 Air Ventilation

    Keeping a nice flow of air throughout the house or workplace will help reduce the strong odors that may occur, causing a sudden wave of nausea. 

    Pregnant women have a stronger sense of smell, and once appetizing aromas can suddenly turn sickening. 

    🍋 Lemonade Keeps The Queasiness Away!

    I'm sure when you were younger and had an upset stomach, your mum would tell you to drink lemonade

    The same applies to pregnancy nausea and morning sickness.

    This remedy might not be for everyone but if you feel as though you cannot stomach a drink of lemonade. Try smelling or sucking on a lemon to relieve that icky feeling. 

    🚶🏼‍♀️ Slow and Steady Wins The Race

    Rushing around is probably not what you want to be doing. If you are suffering from nausea as it aggravates it more.

    If possible, try and give yourself enough time in the morning before work to do things at a reduced speed. 

    Another tip is to try and not do any sudden movements which may cause you to be sick. 

    Can Morning Sickness Hurt My Baby? 

    As much as morning sickness is affecting you, it isn't doing any harm to your unborn baby. At the time were your nausea is at its worse, your baby is only tinnie tiny and doesn't require a lot of nutrients. 

    However, if you are concerned about your nausea and morning sickness, it is always best to speak to your GP or midwife. They will know what is best for you and if they suspect anything else could be wrong. 

    Other than that, unfortunately, morning sickness is just about riding the wave 🌊 of feeling queasy. Soon enough you'll wake up one morning and feel like you've never experienced it.

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