The Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

The Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

Finding out you are going to become parents is a pretty exciting time for any couple. Even more exciting than finding out for yourself that you are going to have a baby, is being able to share the amazing news with those most important to you.

No-one is more important to know about the impending arrival than the soon to be grandparents. It doesn’t matter whether this is their first grandchild, their third grandchild or their 15th. Knowing that they have a brand new baby to add to their brand, well that is always going to be incredibly exciting.

For some couples it is perfectly fine just to let their parents know face to face, nice and simple. But, there are also those who want to make sure that the announcement is something special, something to remember.

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So, if you are searching for the best ideas for letting Grandparents know that there is a brand new baby on the way, then you are in the right place. We have put together some of the most fun, cool ways to let on that there is some exciting news on the horizon.


One of the simplest ways to let your parents know that you are soon going to be parents, is with a card. Cards not only help you to get the message across loud and clear, but they are also ideal if you want to give them something that they can keep long after the baby has arrived.

1️⃣First time Grandparents

There is nothing more exciting than being able to present your parents with their very own copy of your baby’s scan. So, why not make this your basis for an announcement card? Not only are scan pictures great fun, but they also are something that you can treasure for years to come. For a first-time Grandparent, seeing their soon to be Grandchild for the first time, well that is a memory that they are going to want to keep.

Another great idea is a card & adding a slogan which states “only the best parents get promoted to grandparents”. Not only is this a fun way to break the news, but it is also a lovely nod to how great you think that your parents are.

2️⃣Second time Grandparents

You might think that having the second Grandchild means that your announcement is going to be even less special. However, this really isn’t the case. Every single baby that is welcomed into the family is special in their own right. Which means that even a second Grandchild is just as exciting.

One awesome idea we have seen for card announcements is a simple message asking if they are ready to be Grandparents again? This doesn’t take away from the other Grandchildren that they already have, but makes sure that they get excited about another one being on the way.

You could also involve the other Grandchild in your card, they could make it, or you could ask them to draw a picture of a baby. These are both fun ideas and are definitely things that your parents will love.

3️⃣Third time Grandparents

Having a baby which is a third Grandchildren (or even further above) might make you think that announcing it to them isn’t the best idea. However, the truth is that it can be just as exciting as any other number of Grandchildren.

If you want to create a card which announces that another little one is join the brood, then why not create a card based around an image of all the other children that are already part of the family? You can add in a little extra blank face shape, which can then be filled in with a question mark. The perfect way to announce your news.

Of course, you could just keep your announcement simple. Create a card that say’s “guess what” on the front and let them know the happy news on the inside.

Cards are fantastic for breaking the news. They are fun, they are simple and they are cost-effective. They are also something that your parent can keep forever. Always reminding them just how exciting it was when you let them know you had a baby on the way.



If you are looking for a cute way to announce to your parents that they are soon to be grandparents and you are creative, then you might want to think about writing a poem. Of course, this can take some effort and if you are not particularly good with words then you might think that this idea is out of the question for you.

Thankfully, there are plenty of websites out there that are going to be able to help you to create a poem that you can give to your parents. You could write this in card, create something such as a letter board with it, or, if you want to give them something to keep, then you could have it printed and framed.

There are lots of great ideas out there on how you can use a poem to make a baby announcement. Pinterest, like for many things, is a great place to go. Here you will find plenty of inspiration of poems out there that you can use, as well as different ways to present them too.

If you are not keen on the idea of making it yourself, then another website that you are going to want to check out is Etsy. Here you will find hand-crafted poems that have been lovingly made ready for you to gift over to your parents.

You could also head to online parenting forums such as Mumsnet, where you could ask other parents out there to give their own poems and ask them if they don’t mind you borrowing them for your own announcement.   

Of course, the best thing to do when it comes to poems is to create one yourself. You might not be the best writer in the world, but, knowing that your words are from the heart, well that is enough to make sure that your poem is going to be well-received.


Gift Ideas

Sometimes the best way to share news to someone special is to give it to them in the form of a gift. This is particularly true when it comes to Grandparents. Be that first time Grandparents or those who already have experience in what it takes to be the world’s best Nan or Grandad.

The great news if you are searching for gift ideas for Grandparents is that you don’t have to look too far. In fact, there are a huge variety of different websites that you can take a look at if you are searching for creative and cool gift ideas. This includes Etsy, which is definitely unique with a special touch as well as Amazon which as a real variety of options, most of which will be on a swift delivery scale.   

A great gift idea that we have seen for pregnancy announcements is t-shirts. They are not only super creative, but they are cool too. You could add in a slogan, a picture or perhaps just keep it simple with Grandparent to be written on the front or the back. The idea is that they not only get a t-shirt that they can wear around, but they also get to show off that they are going to be a Grandparent too.

Another awesome gift idea for Grandparents to be is a photo frame. In this photo frame you could add in a picture of your scan, perhaps even a picture of you both as a couple. Every parent loves to have pictures of their children around, even better if that picture has an extra special touch.

You could also gift your parent with a mug. Mugs are useful gifts and things that they can use time and time again. Mugs are also fun and cost-effective too. It is easy to personalise mugs; which means that you can add any message that you like, as well as adding a scan photo if you want to.

As you can see, letting your parents know that they have been promoted to Grandparents is not only incredibly exciting, but it is also great fun too. Not only are you giving them the gift of having a new baby in their family, but you in some cases you are actually giving them a gift that they can keep too.

Whether that gift is a t-shirt, a card, a photo in a frame or perhaps something as creative as writing a poem; we can promise you that they are going to be more than just a little excited when they hear your news.


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