Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Parents

Amazing Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Parents

There are plenty of exciting moments when you are expecting a baby, none more so than first discovering that you are pregnant. Not only this, but once you know that you are going to be parents, then the time comes to tell others your happy news.

There are so many important people that you are going to want to tell that you are having a baby, none more so than your parents! So, when is the right time to tell your parents that you are expecting; and what are some of the best ways to share the news?


When should you tell your parents that you are pregnant?

The thing about telling your parents that you are pregnant is that there really isn’t a wrong or right time to share the news with them. It really is down to personal choice and when you think is the best time.

Some people like to wait until they are at least 12 weeks pregnant and have had their first scan to announce the happy news. After all, this is often seen as somewhat of a safety buffer and the time when most issues with pregnancy seem to have passed.

That said, there are also plenty of couples who like to share their exciting news right from the very first moment that they find out they are pregnant. That way, everyone knows right from the beginning and there can be no-one feeling that a huge secret has been kept from them. If your parents know the news, then they can be there right from those early days, ready to offer support and perhaps some advice on how to get through it all.

So, as you can see, there isn’t really a time when it is “right” to tell your parents that you are having a baby. However, whenever you do decide to share your news, here are some of the best ways to let them know what is happening.

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Fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents

There are plenty of amazing ways that you can let your parents know that you are going to have a baby. One great way that we have seen is to have mugs created that is going to let them know what is happening. Not only are mugs useful, but they are also a fun way to let them know that they are going to be grandparents.

We all know that it is incredibly exciting winning on a scratch card, but what if the prize was getting to be a grandparent? We love the idea of having a scratch card created (or buying one of the pre-made ones online) which you can then give to your parents and have them discover the news all on their own.

If you know that your parents enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, then why not make this the basis of your announcement? You can buy bottles of wine that come with a personalised label. This label can be printed with a message such as “Drink this for me, I will have one soon! You can add in the due date of the baby too!”

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Creative ways

If you have parents who already grandparents then chances are that you are going to want to let them know that you are expecting in a way which is different to how they may have been told before. There are lots of creative ways that you can announce your pregnancy to your parents. If you take a look online, then there are a wealth of videos out there, all of which involve some kind of prank or joke to share the news.

For those who have a talent of knitting or crocheting, a creative way to let your parents know the news is to create them a little keepsake. This could be booties, a hat or perhaps a little blanket. Add to it a note that they are going to be a grandparent and they will soon know exactly what you are trying to tell them.

Finally, if you are crafty then you can share the news by creating a photo frame, in the middle of this frame you can add a picture of the scan. Not only is this hand-made which is going to make sure that they appreciate the thought, but they can also keep the picture for as long as they want too.Baby Scan Surprise Card

Unique ways

Some people are lucky enough to have their parents living close to them, whereas there are also those that have parents long distances away from them. When you have parents who are long distance, then you may be worried that you are going to either have to wait until you see them next, or you will have to tell them over the phone.

If you are worried about this, then a great option for you is to look at some of the unique ways that you can let them know that they are going to be grandparents.

One great way that we have seen is to have a countdown calendar created. You can have this personalised as much as you want, however, the main idea is to have a week by week countdown which shares how long it is going to be until they are going to be grandparents.

If you want to send something to your parents, then why not send them a baby themed book, such as a picture book that you may read to a little one at night. You could add a note asking them to read it and the due date, which means that they will soon know that you have a baby on the way.

Another great idea for announcing to your parents is to have a special key ring made up for them. These are small enough to be sent in the post, but they are also super cute too. You can have them as personalised as you wish; it really does depend on your own personal tastes and sense of style.

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Cute ways

There are plenty of cute ways that you can share your pregnancy news with your parents, one that we have seen which is amongst the cutest out there is having a onesie created to give to them. Of course, they are not going to be able to wear it, but you can add to it “will you be my grandpa?” or perhaps “I have the best grandparents ever!” Every time they see your little one in it, they will be reminded just how special it is to have them in their life.

If you want to tell both sets of parents together that you are going to have a baby at the same time; then it is a really great idea to invite them to your house, perhaps for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. You could share the news by adding a “we’re having a baby” cake topper, which is not only cute, but you also get to eat the cake underneath the topper too!

You can also announce your pregnancy to your parents using a photo. Treat it as you would a social media announcement, however, make sure that you share the photo with your parents before it is posted anywhere else.

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Themed ways

If you are lucky enough to find out that you are pregnant during certain times of the year, then you might want to use these particular holidays to them your pregnancy reveal. There are plenty of reveal ideas out there around particular times of year.


Easter is a great time to announce that you are pregnant and there are plenty of fun ways out there to theme your Easter announcement. One that we really like is to create a basket of eggs, you could paint each one a different colour and name them “daddy” “mummy” “baby” and then the due date. Take this round to your parents for Easter lunch or dinner and we are sure that they will love it.


Make sure that your parents are getting a treat rather than a trick and announce that you are expecting at Halloween. A great idea to do this is to carve a heart shape into a large pumpkin and then add in a smaller pumpkin inside. You can even label the pumpkin mummy and baby if you want to make it super obvious to everyone else.


Christmas is a time when family is definitely going to be spending time together, so, what better time to announce that you are expecting? If you want to make it a real surprise, then why not wrap up your scan picture and gift it to your parents? They might just think that you have given them a photo-frame, but when they look closer, they are going to know the exact reason for gifting them it!

As you can see, when it comes to letting your parents know that you are pregnant; there are plenty of ways that you can make it extra special. Of course, the best part is knowing that they are going to be grandparents; however you can make sure that letting them know the exciting news is just as special to them!

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