Pregnancy Belts:  What are the differences?

Pregnancy Belts: What are the differences?

What types of pregnancy belt are there?

When looking for a pregnancy belt, there are different variations that have support straps in different areas to others, this is for good reason.

A pregnancy support belt and an after-pregnancy belt are completely different to one another.

It is important to know exactly which one you need as this will allow you to get the maximum benefits.

Pregnancy support belt

A pregnancy support belt is a pre-birth band which is design with PGP (pelvic girdle pain) or SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) relief in mind.

It is best to get these belts anywhere from 10 weeks into pregnancy and use it leading all the way up to birth and after.


10 – 20 weeks (Belly Band)

Just using the belly band will give mild compression and this is a helpful way to your body into the necessary changes it goes through to support your growing baby.

The pregnancy band can be used to extend the life of your original clothing by covering unbuttoned or unzipped pants acting as a loose belt with minimal pressure.

20 – 30 weeks (Pregnancy Support Belt)

During this time your belly will beginning to show properly. The belt is now going to be used to support the back more and make easing into the added weight a bit less stressful.

Also giving greater support of your core helps minimise common pregnancy problems such as pelvic girdle and round ligament pain.

Pregnancy support lady

30+ weeks (Maternity Belt)

BABYGO’s pregnancy support belt helps lift your extra weight higher and prevent overextension of the lower back.

A belt with an upper strap that extends across the top of the bump and when combined with the standard pregnancy belt will form a cradle for your belly, this helps with your posture and reducing the pressure on muscles, ligaments and joints.

Correct posture during the third trimester is not easy, but with the aid of a pregnancy support belt this will make labour easier for you and your baby by helping their passage down the birth canal.

Is it safe to use?

We cannot stress enough that quality is essential when looking for you pregnancy belt, this is using a high quality and trusted brand will ensure that safety is covered.

At BABYGO, our pregnancy belt comes with full safety instructions on how to reap all the benefits from our 4 in 1 belt and keeps safety the safety of you and your baby our top priority.

A pregnancy support is worth investing in for every mother to be, there are too many benefits for an uncomfortable mum to pass on!

 Belly Band

Postpartum pregnancy belt

An after-pregnancy belt is great for up to 5 months after birth and has been proven to increase the heal process after birth. Do not underestimate the importance of the recovery period.

The compressions belt or band will help ease discomfort and again speed up the healing process.

This belt targets with more compression and covers a larger portion of the belly from the breasts to the hips. Gentle compression promotes muscle memory and close the gap between your abs.

how do you wear a pregnancy support belt?

Wearing a pregnancy support belt is simple, the key to remember this is a “support” belt and do not need to be tight to work its magic.

Dependant on which stage of pregnancy you are at will determine how the belt should is used, on the BABYGO pregnancy belt there are different straps that provide the optimum support at each trimester.

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