Baby's Gender Revealed Early With The Skull Theory

Baby's Gender Revealed Early With The Skull Theory

Once you've revealed your exciting pregnancy news to friends and family, the topic of conversation quickly moves onto is it a boy or girl?! Of course, the official reveal can't happen until your 20 week scan but if you can't wait until then, there are a number of 'methods' passed down through families which have been known to have varying success rates. However there is one approach which boasts an impressive return on accuracy – the skull theory. Read on to find out more.

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Skull Theory Explained

The skull theory uses the ultrasound picture of your baby to determine the gender. The idea is that the shape of the baby's skull can predict whether it will be a boy or girl. For example, the top of the head for a girl is rounder and tapers at the top whilst if it is a boy the top of the head is likely to be more blocky and big.

If you wanted a different perspective and increase your chances of being accurate, pair the skull theory with the 'nub theory', which relies on the angle of the nub (between the legs, formally known as the genital tubercle) to tell the sex of the baby.

Cradling a Baby

All you need is your 12-week scan photo

If you can't wait till your 20-week scan and want to have a go at trying to predict the gender of your baby all you will need is your 12-week scan photo, a magnifying glass and the information below!

The Accuracy Of The Theory?

There is no scientific basis in the skull theory; experts say that male and female skulls don't have any distinct features until they reach the age of maturity and there are other factors such as ethnicity which also apply. However it has been reported by Netmums that their members have a 92% accuracy rating when using the shape of the skull to predict the gender. Of course even the 20 week scan is known to not be 100% accurate. Accurate or not, it makes for an interesting and fun exercise to undertake with family and friends. 


Skull Theory Girl

Key characteristics to look for:

  • More pointed chin
  • Rounded jaw
  • Smaller and sharper brow ridge and more vertical forehead.
  • Sharp upper margins such as the frontal bone above the eye sockets.

Skull Theory Boy

Key characteristics to look for:

  • Large brow ridge and sloping forehead
  • Square Chin
  • Larger teeth
  • Brow ridge is round and dull
  • Flared or sharply angled gonion (point where lower jaw curves up towards the ear.

Babies Feet

 So what do you think? Will you be trying out the skull theory? If you've already tested out the theory, was it worth it? Come and join the debate in our comments section and let us know if you guessed right. If you want a second opinion on your analysis post a picture of your scan; somebody is sure to be able to help.

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