The Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Mums, Dads & Pregnant Women (2020)

The Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Mums, Dads & Pregnant Women (2020)

Chirstmas this year is going to be a bit out of the ordinary, but a little Chirstmas spirit goes a long way. Empty Christmas list, not know where to start and just lacking inspiration? BABYGO have you covered. With family in mind, we have hand selected a few items to help make Christmas shopping that little bit easier. Save yourself from running round on Christmas Eve looking for the last jar of chutney for your Uncle John. Whether it's your mum, brother or your long lost second cousin, we've got it all. 

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For the One With a Sweet Tooth...

Who doesn't love chocolate? We all love a good pack of Haribos every now and again. And you won't catch me turning a KnickerBocker Glory down, that's for sure. But there is always one person in the family who devours sweet stuff like theres no tomorrow. This person is who we had in mind when choosing the following presents. 


Chocoholic Christmas Hamper 

Let's be honest, there's nothing Chirstmassy about this, it's an anytime hamper. A chocolate hamper is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Brand new Daim Bars, classic Time Outs and even a Yorkie in for the maliest of men. Shame there's not a Bounty in there, am i right? 


Christmas Classic Sweet Shop

Sweets galore. There are some real throwbacks thrown in this. Flumps, White Mice and the classic Sherbet Fountain. After all, they do say the way to a persons heart is through their stomach. 


 Christmas Calorie Watching Hamper

 We can't leave those out who have beenn watching their weight but still need to fulfill that sweet hole in their life. We all have been there and wanted to keep the pounds off, but it's not that easy during the Chirstmas period. Why not treat them to some "Under 100 Calorie" snacks?


For the One Who Smells Nice...

One thing a woman will always say when asked "what do you want for christmas?" is "A nice bottle of perfume". So we couldn't miss this off our gft guide. After all, we should all be dressing up around Christmas, even if it only to see your own household this year. Thanks Boris. 


Minature Perfume Gift Set

Perfect gift ideas for the women who like a mixture of scents and you can't make your mind up. Many brands do a gift set with a number of their well known scents. We all know a woman needs a selection of perfumes for each occasion. 


Aftershave Gift Set

Even men like to smell nice, even if they say otherwise. And this is also a gift for the women in their lives. They then don't have to smell the stench which is often referred to as "man odour". Good thing about buying for a smelly male, anything is an improvement compared to their current odour so they're not picky. 


Yankee Candle Gift Set

A candle makes the house a home. Not sure that's quite how the saying goes but in my opinion, that's correct. I'm sure the women in the household agrees. The men on the otherhand, does not. But you can't go wrong with a yankee candle, so why not have a few?


For the One Who Loves to be Cosy...

Wrap up in a blanket. Pop the fire on. Christmas films at the ready. If that sounds like the best plan ever to you, this will be your Christmas Wishlist and you should tag a few friends into this section. 


Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Well, Blanket. Blankets. I believe you can never have too many. One in each room, a spare for anyone else who joins in the cosy club. Even different types of blankets so we have chose the one with the best of both worlds. 


Comfort is Cushions

Cusions. Cushions have many uses. Especially for children. So a gift that was once grandma's lovely cushion will one day be part of their grandchild's den. So you're killing two birds with one stone. (Not literally, no birds were harmed in the making of this gift guide.) 


Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Where are the days when you would heat some milk up on a stove, pop the cocoa powder in and stir. Possibly add a few mini marshmallows if you're lucky. Now it's all fancy hot chocolate bombs, chocolate sticks that melt in your mug and who know's what else is to come. But, we're not complaining, it makes a perfect gift idea. 


For the One Who Has a Few Too Many...

We all love a little sip of Baileys on Christmas Day, but there's always an Auntie Jean who has one too many and ends up asleep by 5pm, misses her anual Christmas Day special of Emmerdale and wakes up the next day like nothing happened. Maybe we should give this list a miss for any Auntie Jean's. 


Chocolate + Baileys = Heaven

Now, that sip of Baileys we were talking about before, here it is. Only it's not a sip, it's a bottle. But anybody else feel like it's not Christmas until you've has a Baileys on ice? Pefect for a gift as it comes in a vintage style carry case. 


Chocolate + Wine = Heaven

Wine, chocolate and flowers. What more could you ask for? This lovely organisaion of the three is a beautiful gift idea for anyone who loves a glass of wine in the evening. They also have WHITE, RED or ROSÉ specific collections to choose from. 


Beer, Pork Crackling & More Beer

With the pubs being closed for so long this year, the men really do deserve the whole experience. So what perfect way to make them feel right at home. Beer, Pork Crackling and Match of the Day. Perfection. (not for me but i'm sure the guys in the back agree)


For the One Who Loves to be Organised...

Organisation is not for all, but nothing beats a fresh new diary, calendar and to-do list. For most people, this brings the feeling of having your life together. Usually a diary is planned with meeting, outings and social events. But Covid has other plans this year. So let's try again this year and get use of those planners. 


2021 Family Calendar 

Keeping the whole family organised is a chore by itself. But it's made so much easier with a family calendar. Keep track of Hugo's football matches, Elisa's ballet classes and David's quiz nights with the lads. David can no longer get away with the "i've not been out in ages". 


Dear Diary,

Diaries are a good way to have your mind clear, free yourself from stress and feel like you everything under control. Diaries come in all shapes, sizes, colours, styles, prints. The list is endless. 


Shopping Essential

For some reason, men seem to think the shopping fairy comes in, fills the cupboards and organises it too. If only it was that simple. A shopping list is essential in our house. Otherwise, we'd come to have a Sunday Dinner and the main ingredient would be missing. 


For the One With a Soft Spot...

The memorable gifts usually bring a tear to some, these are the moments many people want to capture and put so much thought and effort in to each present. But we've taken some of the thought out of it for you. Why not try one of these gifts to try and squeeze the tears from someone special (and bag yourself some brownie points). 


A Thousand Words in One

A simple print that shows the true values of an individual can really bring a tear to someone's eye. They can be personalised and is a special way to really show how much you appreciate a person. Wether this is for mum, dad or a grandparent, it's a gift that can be treasured for a long time. 


Pebble Art

With family in mind, but with a handmade touch to it, we've got the perfect gift. Pebble art is simple, but speaks a thousand words. We've all get pebbles in our front garden but how perfect so these look? Let's just choose nicely the size of the pebbles used, so we don't offend anyone on Christmas day. 


Family Trinkets

When you walk in to someone's home and see the little family trinkets placed around, you really get the feel for their love and respect for one another. This is a perfect christmas gift for all members of the family. 



Five Gift Rule

A new tradition people are trying is the "Five Gift Rule". This is a new efficient, affordable and less stressful way to do Christmas. We're going to break down the five rules. 

Rule #1: One Gift They Want 

This is when your ears come in handy. Get listening for any subtle hints they're dropping for a gift idea which they would love. This could be a games, toys or a new phone case they've seen. Even though this if the first rule, i would advise this being the last present you give to them as they will be most happy about this one. 

Rule #2: One Gift They Need

Think, think, think. What item do they need? Possibly a new bed set, a new set of pens, a diary. Anything they will use, but wouldn't ask for. Simple, but effective. This is a useful way to save money and buy less of the random rubbish that gets thrown straight in the bin at any given chance. 

Rule #3: One Gift They Wear

This may also be something they want but it takes it in with one of the rules, so again, very cost effective. This can range from coats, jumpers, scarves, hates and gloves. The list is endless. But they most common is Christmas Pj's. Everyone needs some festive pj's to go to sleep, even the men. 

Rule #4: One Gift They Read

A gift that may only be appreciated by a few but those few will be forever greatful and pop it on the bookshelf with pride. This can be a book from an author they love, an auto biography of their favourite actor or a cook book to extend their love for food.  

Rule #5: One Gift They Don't Know They Need

This can often suprise many. It's something that they do want/need but haven't actually thought about before that momet of receiving it. This could be anything from a spa day, voucher for a nail appointment or an experience day with an alpaca. It doesn't need to be a practical need. Just a need. 


So now you should be ready with your christmas presents on the way. We'd love to hear your ideas for Christmas presents that we have missed off. We would also love to support small businesses this Christmas whilst times are hard so please do comment a small business with a gift idea which would be perfect for a mum, dad, friend, brother or even your pets. 

🎄 Hope you have a lovely Christmas! 🎄


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