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The Ultimate Guide to a Baby Proof Home!

Let's face it, kids can be crazy! One minute they're jumping on the sofa and the next they're swinging on the doors. Whether you have have one, two or ten little terrors, baby proofing your house will make your home a fun and safe environment!


  1. The 5 W's
  2. Baby Proofing Checklist
  3. How to Baby Proof your Home
  4. The Baby Proofing Kit Tour

 children opening cupboard

The 5 W's

I'll start by breaking it down and answering all the burning questions you may have when it comes to all things baby proof!


It may be an obvious one but all the benefits of a baby proof house are not only for your baby, but any baby that is entering your home. Have you ever been scared when a friend brings their little one round, and all you can think about is them bumping their head on the coffee table?


We'll talk about what sort of things you can use to make your home a safe place throughout the blog, but as a start, getting a good baby proofing kit can do wonders!


Ideally, you want to look at baby proofing every room in your humble abode for ultimate safety! I know, this probably feels quite overwhelming however we are here to make things easier for you. 


I mean this one is pretty clear. Every parent wants their child to be safe, and of all places, you want them to be safe in their own home. It is a quick and easy thing to do and is so beneficial in the long run.


What are you waiting for? Whether you're waiting for baby to arrive, or have a little one already, the sooner the better! Be prepared!

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Baby Proofing Checklist

Before we go through each room, it's good to have a general checklist of things to look out for around the house that may be a hazard. Some things may scream 'BABY PROOF ME!', but others may not be so obvious. 

Windows - remove furniture from under the window so they can't climb up and potentially fall. Use window restrictors to stop your windows from opening all the way out.

Doors - use door stops to prevent them from trapping tiny little hands and feet in the door. Also use baby gates to box off any doorways that are a complete no go. 

Floors - make sure it is a safe environment for baby to crawl and walk about by ensuring there are no small objects on the floor for them to put in their mouths. Secure or remove any rugs to keep not only them from slipping or tripping up, but you too if you are carrying them. 

Stairs - again, use a baby gate to keep them from going up and down the stairs on their own account and avoid baby from falling. Check the gaps between your bannisters are no more than 6.5cm apart to stop them trying to squeeze through.

Indoor plants - move any indoor plants to stop baby from pulling them over onto themselves. Also double check that real plants aren't poisonous and remove them if so.

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How to Baby Proof your Home

The Living Room

As well as some of the hazards we have already spoken about, electrical cables, plug sockets, rugs, there are many more places around the living room that you will need to think about regarding your adventurous little one.

Firstly, there's the TV. A television can be an intriguing thing, particularly when it's on. Whether they're trying to reach out and touch Peppa Pig, or they just want to get a closer look at this big, strange, scary contraption, anchoring it to the wall will ensure that it won't topple over.

Then there's the furniture. Perhaps you have a coffee table, or a stand that your lamp goes on? Regardless of what it is they are all the perfect height for a bumped head. Applying child corner protectors to your furniture will prevent them from getting a nasty bump and save you from a lot of tears. 

If you have a fire, you will definitely need to consider having a baby proof fireplace. Fires are dangerous, but also look fascinating, so there's no doubt they may want to investigate them further. Get a safety screen to avoid injury, and stop baby from getting too close.

Are you that person that loves home decor? Me too! But if you love it, that probably means your child will too. Vases, frames, mirrors, you name it, they will want to investigate. Make sure they are all out of reach to stop them from pulling anything down and escape 7 years bad luck!

baby in living room

The Kitchen

Probably one of the more obvious hazardous rooms...the kitchen! There are plenty of ways for baby proofing your kitchen, and I'm here to help you understand how.

Remove sharp objects such as knives, scissors and forks from anywhere they could get to, and place them out of reach in a safe drawer/cupboard with child safety straps on to keep them out!

Always cook on the back burner of the hob to ensure they can't reach a boiling pan of hot water, or wok that's sizzling your stir fry! You can also get an oven lock to prevent them opening your oven.

Let me ask you something, where are your plates, dishes and glassware? If they are too high to reach for a little toddler, that doesn't mean to say they can't climb up and explore. Baby cupboard locks and straps can restrain them from grabbing anything that can be easily broken or smashed. 

We've all got one - a cupboard under the sink that contains cleaning products. If you don't, I highly recommend moving all harmful products to one cupboard that is out of reach, or that has children’s cupboard locks on them. This will stop your child getting hold of something that is out of bounds! Experts advise using baby safety locks with a magnetic key to open them. 

baby reaching for a hot pan

The Bathroom

You may think your baby won't spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but that doesn't mean there aren't places in there that need baby proofing.

Water is exciting, and the bathroom is full of it. Try putting a tap guard on the bath tap to prevent a bumped head, and a toilet seat lock or safety strap on the loo to stop fingers getting trapped.

Speaking of water, it splashes easily. Get non-slip bath mats to stop slips and falls when your little one is on their feet and learning how to get their balance. 

I don't know about you, but I loved making potions as a kid with all the bathroom products. To avoid finding a crazy concoction in your sink, remove all hazardous products from cabinets that may be accessible to children. Again, it might be an idea to get child cupboard locks to be certain they don't find something they shouldn't.

To stop them from getting in the bathroom altogether, install a small lock or chain on the door of your bathroom out of reach, and get into the habit of keeping it locked.

baby and toddler exploring the toilet

The Baby Proofing Kit Tour

We have designed the ultimate child safety set that is easy to install and can be up and running in just 30 seconds. Better still, there are absolutely no DIY skills needed. No more searching for magnetic child locks in Screwfix as screws aren't required (although they are included to use if desired).

Our goal at BABYGO® is to give every child the best possible safety, which is why we have child safety locks to help prevent accidents and ensure your little one grows in a safe, fun environment. From drawers to cupboards, these little life savers can be installed in so many nooks and crannies in your home.

Stopping heads from getting bumped and fingers from getting trapped couldn't be more simple. Our baby corner protectors can be applied to furniture to cover sharp edges, and are super easy to install. Our door stops and oven locks are the perfect way to prevent pesky little hands from getting caught, all whilst leaving no lasting damage!

If preventing your little one from getting into places they shouldn't is a main priority, then say hello to our safety straps! With adjustable design and multi-use, cupboards, drawers, bins, ovens, fridges and even toilets need not be a problem!

baby safety locks

Your child's safety is always going to be an important factor in your life, whether they're 7 or 27!

But until then, we hope these tips can ensure your little one can have a safe and happy upbringing in your home.

Let us know your baby proofing tips!

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