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BABYGO's Ultimate Pregnancy Giveaway

Pregnant, bored and feeling lucky? We have the perfect giveaway made just for you. From our BABYGO birthing ball to a little readymade hospital bag for both mummy and baby,...

Pregnant, bored and feeling lucky? We have the perfect giveaway made just for you. From our BABYGO birthing ball to a little readymade hospital bag for both mummy and baby, we have it all. 

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How to Enter?

Three simple steps to be in with a chance of winning our biggest giveaway yet.  All you need is an Instagram account, it's that easy. Follow the steps below for the chance to enter our BABYGO Ultimate Pregnancy Giveaway. 

1. Follow our BABYGO Instagram page (

2. Share the post to your story (Don't forget to tag us!) 

3. Tag 3 friends in the comments sections (entry for each comment)

Details of the Giveaway

The giveaway will run from Thursday 13th May 2021. The giveaway will be running on Instagram. You can enter the giveaway multiple times and we would love it if you shared for so many more people to get involved. You will be contacted via Instagram if you're the lucky winner and we can have the items sent out to you. It's important that we can contact you so your pages must not be marked as private. 

What's Included?

We have hand picked specialist products for both you and your baby to make your pregnancy and delivery that bit easier. We have a few necessities and must haves, along with a few unnecessary purchases that just make your pregnancy more enjoyable. See what's included in the BABYGO Ultimate Pregnancy Giveaway below. 

Readymade Baby Hospital Bag:

In our little box, perfect for your newborn, contains the best products making bringing your little one into the world that little bit easier. Have all the necessities in one place without having to move a muscle, or spend a penny. This includes:

  • Scratch mittens, 
  • Newborn baby hats, 
  • Newborn dummies, 
  • Snuggle blanket, 
  • Newborn Nappies, 
  • Johnsons sensitive baby wipes, 
  • Sudocrem, 
  • Newborn socks. 


Readymade Mummy Hospital Bag:

In our (not so) little box, perfect for carrying along to the hospital, contains the best products making bringing your little one into the world that little bit easier. Forget about routing through your most used items and trying to squeeze the dregs out of the bottom of the tube. Forget your partner looking around helplessly for the right items, we've got you covered. This includes:

  • Shampoo, 
  • Conditioner, 
  • Toothbrush, 
  • Toothpaste, 
  • Vaseline, 
  • Hairclip, 
  • Stretch mark oil. 

Teddys giveaway

Newborn Handprint & Footprint Impression Picture Frame

With your newborn finally here, you want to treasure their 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes for as long as you can, we get it. We've chosen this picture frame which holds an adorable pictures of your little one. (or it will remain empty for approximately 5-7 years before you try and dig a picture out to fit). You can also make your own imprints of your babies hands and feet in the middle as an extra special memory, treasured for a lifetime. 


Pregnancy Scratch-it-Off Bucket List

You're pregnant and bored? We have you covered. With this fun, quirky and time dependant bucket list, your pregnancy will be far from boring. From planning your baby shower to painting your baby bump, you can have so much fun and document this along the way. 


BABYGO Child Safety Locks 

You might think it's too soon to get the corner covers out and installing the child safety locks just yet. But believe us when we tell you, it's better safe than sorry. Get your home baby-proofed as soon as you can. You don't want to have a crawling toddler before you're even thinking (or wishing you had done this sooner) of protecting your things and your little one. 


The BIG FAT Activity Book for Pregnant People

Playing the role of a diary, colouring book, and a brutally honest new mummy manual, we couldn't possibly have a giveaway without including this. Perfect for the mum-to-be who wants to relax, laugh until mistakes* happen and with each and every page of the book, realise that the feelings and worries she's now got about becoming a mother are completely normal. 

*By mistakes, we do advise for some adult protection against leaky bladders are purchased alongside this gift. Unless pelvic floor exercises are part of their daily routine. 


Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit

Newborns nails can get sharp, quick, as you're about to find out. When caring for your little one you may find you need to try and understand a certain cry, this healthcare kit makes it that little bit easier. Nine essentials making adapting to motherhood a doddle. This healthcare set will have your little one happy and healthy, from top to toe (literally). 


Johnson's Baby Bathtime Set

We all love bathtime, except a new mother bathing her newborn, with every reason. But it doesn't have to be that way, you can now enjoy bathtime with "no more tears", or limited tears. We've selected three of the most loved items by mums from the Johnson's baby range and we know you're going to love them. We have the baby shampoo, baby bath soak and also the baby lotion. Your babies skin with literally be as soft as a babies bum. 

baby cream

Baby Wardrobe Dividers

We can picture it now. Your baby's wardrobe is already overflowing and you're trying to organise this in time for their arrival. Even though we all know, 3 weeks into your newborn being here and you'll be digging deep into a washing pile for the last clean baby grow. But in true Mrs Hinch style we have super cute baby wardrobe dividers, making it easier to organise your babies clothes by size. Enjoy the organisation while it lasts we say. 


BABYGO Pregnancy Support Belt

Your baby is growing. As is your belly. You're beginning to really experience the dreaded aches and pains people talk about. We have the perfect solution for you. Our pregnancy support belt supports your back, belly and hips and can ease the pain you once felt. We make staying active much easier, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy and not feel restricted. Our belt also can be used during your postpartum recovery and can help bind your stomach muscles back to their original state. We, here at BABYGO, will provide you with support before, during and after your pregnancy. 

BABYGO Pregnancy Support Belt

Baby Muslin Squares

Muslin squares are the perfect addition to any new parents essential baby kit. They're essentially huge handkerchiefs for babies, with multiple uses, not just wiping their nose. These can be used as a blanket, sick catcher, play mat. You name it. Perfect to grab and use quickly. No need to run and find the wipes from the baby changing bag, muslin squares do it all. 

Hot water bottle

Baby Milestone Cards

Instagram is full of babies. Parents using their babies to capture only the best bits. You won't see a spot of dribble in sight. Well why not make these captured moments even cuter with little milestone cards which capture the moment your little one has their "first smile" or their "first time crawling". Or these can be used to celebrate their third, ninth or twelfth month of life. 


BABYGO Birthing Ball 

Pregnancy pain is no more with our BABYGO Birthing Ball. This can be used as a chair, exercise tool or even a foot rest to take the pain away from your lower back, hips and pelvis. This can also help flip your baby into the optimal fetal position, which can be great for giving you the best chances at a safe and natural birth. We've included the perfect pair to fight the dreaded aches and pains during pregnancy. 

Unlock the benefits of the BABYGO birthing ball



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