How to Wear your BABYGO® Pregnancy Support Belt

Pregnancy can bring you much more than your precious little one, it can also bring morning sickness, swollen ankles and the dreaded aches and pains. So we have created a product that can tackle 2 out of 4 of those, whilst supporting your growing bump. To save you some time, and a lot of confusion, we've created a short step by step guide on how to wear our pregnancy support belt. 

Pregnancy Belly Band: Recommended for 12-20 weeks

Wrap the elastic band back on itself around your back so the velcro pad can be attached and secured under the cushioned pad. 

Belly Band Try On

💡 REMEMBER: The shape of the band is perfect for the shape of your bump so make sure to place the band at the bottom of your bump to support and lift.  

Pregnancy Support Belt: Recommended for 20-30 weeks

Bring the larger back section so the inside label lines up with the middle of your spine and attach each side flap to the belly band using the velcro.

Support Belt

💡 REMEMBER: The belt should fit comfortably and not too tight, and you need to remember to adjust the belt when moving from a standing position to a seated position. 

Maternity Band: Recommended for 30+ weeks

Take the maternity band and attach one side to the velcro patch on the pregnancy belt that you have just placed on. Pull on the other side to stretch this over the top of your bump and attach to the other side using the velcro. 
Maternity Belt

💡 REMEMBER: You want the maternity band to sit on the highest part of your bump to really support your pelvis, back and hips.

Using your BABYGO® Pregnancy Support Belt 

Under or Over Clothing
You're now set to support your bump and try to battle some of those dreaded aches and pains that come along with pregnancy. As you can see above, the belt can be worn under or over clothing, whichever you feel is most comfortable. 

Safety Instructions:

  • Wear our pregnancy support belt for no more than two to three hours at a time to prevent over dependancy. 
  • We recommend to combine exercise with the use of our pregnancy support belt, both during and after pregnancy. 
  • Consult with your health care professional before using our compression garment. Women with compromised circulation or abnormal blood pressure may be advised against use. 
  • Our belt is intended for temporary use. Always consult your doctor or midwife to address ongoing pain both during and after pregnancy.