BABYGO® Maternity Bra

If you're at the beginning of your pregnancy journey we understand that the world of pregnancy can seem a little daunting. And just when you think it couldn't get any more confusing, welcome to the world of maternity bra's. But to cut out the confusion, we have created the two bra's you will need during your pregnancy and beyond to make life that bit easier for you and your little one. 

💡TOP TIP: It is recommended you stop wearing wired bras during your pregnancy as the wires can dig into sensitive breast tissue and potentially trap milk ducts. 

Why Should I Buy a Maternity Bra?

At around 12 weeks, your milk ducts begin developing and you may notice that your everyday bra's are very uncomfortable and beginning to feel a little restrictive. It's advised that you should kiss your usual underwire bra's goodbye for the remainder of your pregnancy and into the journey of breastfeeding (if this is the decision you choose to take). This is around the perfect time to start looking for the right maternity bra for you. But look no further, we have two new options to tick all the boxes. 

BABYGO® Sleep Bra 

Our new sleep bra is designed to help you have a a great nights sleep whilst keeping you supported throughout the night. Our wide shoulder straps allows the bra to evenly distribute the weight of your growing breasts. Our bras are seamless and wire-free meaning you can sleep without being restricted or uncomfortable. This bra is crafted with shape retention properties meaning a true fit to size all the way through the life cycle. 

💡TOP TIP: Begin wearing soft sleeping bra at night from around 12-16 weeks to keep you comfortable and supported while you sleep. 


DID YOU KNOW: By around 29 weeks pregnant, the average pregnant woman is two under bands and four cup sizes bigger than her normal bra size.