Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

How to Use Our Pregnancy Due Date Calculator?

It is normal to want to know your due date the second you see those two blue lines. Or see the word "pregnant" for some. We have made it easier to work out by knowing just the date of your last period. You can try using our due date calculator by just entering your day, month and year of the last period you had and we can tell you the following information:

  • Your due date, 
  • Date of conception, 
  • Current trimester, 
  • Size of your baby and 
  • Number of weeks you are currently. 

At your first antenatal appointment, will be offered a dating scan and this will be a more accurate due date. This will be done through the NHS and you will be given more information at your appointments. But until then, we can give you a close enough date for you to look forward to. 

How Long Does Pregnancy Last?


Your pregnancy will be split into three trimesters and will average around 40 weeks. At this time you will be known as "full-term". 

Trimester One (0 to 13 Weeks):

During your first trimester, you may be introduced to the worst pregnancy symptoms. You may be faced with the dreaded morning sickness, itchy nipples and feeling the need to sleep 12+ hours a day and grabbing every chance to nap. This time is the most crucial for your baby's development and there are ways in which you can adapt in order to help your baby's development, including eating the top 10 superfoods known to enhance brain development

Trimester Two (14 to 26 Weeks):

Welcome to your second trimester, you're approaching half way and don't take this trimester for granted. Your horrendous symptoms may have now disappeared and you may feel human again after 13 long weeks of what feels like hell. However, you will begin to notice increased back pain and you may start to feel out of breath trying to do the simplest of tasks. 

Trimester Three (27 to 40 Weeks):

You have made it! You have made it to the final stretch in your pregnancy and you will possibly feel yourself getting very overwhelmed with the whole situation. You may be super excited to meet your new family member but you may also be experiencing major anxiety about the birth of your little one.