How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

As you become a home for a growing human, you're bound to expand and your skin is going to have to stretch, that is a given. You may develop stretch marks towards the end of the pregnancy. 

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What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are form of scarring on the skin and are usually seen as irregular lines, stripes or streaks on the skin when it has been stretched or distended. When looking for stretch marks, they are usually long, narrow lines in the colour of pink, red, brown, purple or white. Stretch marks are not just pregnancy related and can often be a sign of dramatic weight gain or weight loss. 

How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

You can prevent stretch mark, or try at least. We have a few tips and ticks which can be seen as prevention methods for women who may be high risk of stretch marks. 

🚰Hydration is key:

You can keep your skin supple and soft by keeping hydrated, and this will minimise your chances of stretch marks. As a woman, you should be drinking at least 72 ounces of water a day. You can actually find water bottles now which has a guide showing how much you should have drank by a certain time. 

☕Cut the caffeine out:

Caffeine is known to be a factor to increase your chances of developing stretch marks. Steering clear to caffeine is a given in pregnancy anyway, but even more so if it cuts down your chances of developing stretch marks. 

☀️Sunning it up:

Vitamin D needs to now be your new best friend, obviously keeping it at a healthy level. Your main source of vitamin D is exposure to the sun but you can also digest in some foods such as bread, cereal, milk and yoghurt. 

⚖️Healthy weight = Happy body:

Maintaining a healthy weight, pregnant or not, can help reduce your chances of developing stretch marks. Gaining weight is normal in pregnancy, but if you can choose to manage this and ensure you gain weight steadily. Whilst your skin will still have to stretch, this will be done over a period of time, giving your skin the chance to stretch naturally and gradually. 


How to Remove Stretch Marks?

Getting rid of stretch marks is difficult, if not impossible. There are a number of method out these which is probably worth a shot. You can find a number of variations of the products below but it's all about what's best for you and your body, so the choice is yours. 

🌡️Laser Therapy:

During laser therapy, they will explain the scientific reasons for the treatment and will help you choose the correct treatment for you. The process stimulates collagen or elastin in your skin to grow. Usually laser treatment will use the top layer of skin, remove this and then regenerate new skin cells. 

🧴Lotions and potions:

There are a number of creams which can be used in order to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. One particular cream which is very well known as is known for amazing results is Retinoid cream. This is a topical medication which comes from vitamin A. This cream helps rebuild the collagen in your skin and makes the appearance of the stretch marks more like normal skin. 

🧪Chemicals, bubbles and troubles:

 Glycolic acid creams and chemical peels are treatments which can be used to help reduce the appearance of your already existing stretch marks, but does not prevent new stretch marks. 

🛢️Oil me up:

I am sure we have all heard of Bio Oil and we all know that oil can be amazing for keeping the skin hydrated. Bio oil is perfect in keeping stretch marks to the minimum and can help improve the appearance pre-existing stretch marks. 


What Should I Do If I Have Stretch Marks?

Looking in the mirror and found a stretch mark? Don't panic, put down the creams and cancel the call to the laser surgery. You are human and after growing a baby for 9 months, you're bound to have lumps and bumps that will take time to learn to love. You don't have to do anything when finding a stretch mark on your body. Your skin is new and you have earned those marks becoming a mother, you kept your little one safe from the outside world for 9 months. You kept them warm, you lost yourself and you had to accept your new identity as "mummy". 

There is one thing to do when finding a stretch mark. Embrace it.

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