When Can I Fly in Pregnancy?

When Can I Fly in Pregnancy?

Are you planning on jetting off on a holiday before welcoming your new little one into the family? Have you checked with your airline before booking those tickets? Or are you looking to us for the answer?

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Can I Fly During the First Trimester?

Many people recommended avoiding flying during the first trimester as it’s typically when you feel the worst throughout the pregnancy. However, you may have escaped the dreaded morning sickness and extreme tiredness and feel completely fine to travel. It’s all about knowing your own body and knowing if you feel well enough to fly.

When you reach 28 weeks, many airlines will ask for a letter of your doctor or midwife. They will need to know the following information;

  • Your due date, to avoid going into labour during the flight
  • Your current status of health,
  • Your details of pregnancy, to check you have no added risks.

You will also need to check with your doctor before flying if you have experienced any health problems during the pregnancy, including a previous miscarriage or previous early birth. You will also need to check with your insurance company to see if they will allow you to travel whilst pregnant.

Should I Avoid Flying During the Third Trimester?

When you reach your third trimester, flying may become slightly more difficult and you should make sure you are given the go-ahead by your doctor. If throughout your pregnancy, both you and baby have been healthy, you should be able to fly up to 36 weeks, 32 if carrying twins (different airlines may vary). Please do be aware that you may experience an uncomfortable flight as those plane seats aren't the comfiest at the best of times, especially not when carrying a baby the size of an aubergine or above. 

It is possible to be pregnant and enjoy a flight at the same time, even though some may think you’re crazy. Allow yourself to enjoy it and minimise the stress you may encounter by being prepared.

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