Can Pets Detect Pregnancy?

Can Pets Detect Pregnancy?

Are you having "leg hugs" from your cat now that you're expecting? Is your dog now your shadow and being over-affectionate? Or is it that your pet guinea pig is now showing affections after being a recluse for 3 years?

They do say pets are clever but did you think they could be this clever?


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Can My Dog Sense I Am Pregnant?

As you may know, nothing gets past your dog's nose, they detect everything. Each dog may detect pregnancy at a different rate and for many different reasons. Many dogs can react in a way which brings out their protective side and you may find them becoming clingy. Whilst others may show no changes at all and be rather annoyed you've chosen to extend the family. 

If you do notice your dog's behavior changing, this could be for many other reasons, bedsides you being pregnant. 

Changes in body shape or language:

Even in early pregnancy, your dog may notice you're becoming out of breath and struggling to carry out everyday tasks. You will begin to grow with your baby and this will become noticeable to others, including your fur baby. 

Changes in odor:

During pregnancy, your body chemistry will change and in turn, can cause your odor to change. The odor which your dog associates with you will no longer be the same and this will cause your dog to notice the difference and notice your pregnancy. 

Change in mood and behavior:

Since the day you bring your little fur baby home, you create a bond. A bond in which they can pick up on a change in your mood and know how to react in certain situations. Your dog will be able to notice your mood changed during pregnancy and this will be a key sign for them. 

Your dog will adapt to this new pregnancy life and you may notice the following changes in your dog:

  • Urinating around the house, 
  • Agitation, growling, biting, barking, 
  • Chewing items in the house, especially new items for the baby, 
  • Urinating around the house, 
  • Not cooperating with owners, 
  • Acting like a puppy. 

Can My Cat Sense I Am Pregnant?

Cats have an excellent sense of smell and can often adapt a change in behaviour during the time you're pregnant. They can sense pregnancy in a number of ways, such as;

  • Chemical changes, 
  • Smell, 
  • Temperature, 
  • Change in routine, 
  • Habits, 
  • Behaviour, 
  • Mood changes, 
  • Movements, 
  • Physical changes. 


Your pets can react in many different ways when they know you're expecting a baby, and not another fur baby. This can be helped by sticking to a normal daily routine and making changes slowly as they can find these experiences stressful. It may sound silly to the majority but involving them in the pregnancy and continuing to show them love and affection will help them through this transition. 

If they can make it through the pregnancy with limited stress, then they can usually stay calm and loving once the baby has arrived. Both cats and dogs can feel jealous when a new baby is brought home and this is normal. Don't push them aside, let them be involve (with caution obviously) but allow them to interact and this will build a bond between your two loved ones. 


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