How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

Are you struggling to sleep? Finding yourself tossing and turning whilst feeling uncomfortable during the night? Pregnancy pillows can be a lifesaver for some but a burden for others. This all depends on you knowing how to use it. 

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What Pregnancy Pillow Should I Use?

The choice of pregnancy pillows is endless. Do you wish to have pink or blue depending on the sex of your baby? Or would you prefer a floral patterned pillow to match the rest of your room? Or is a standard plain white colour more up your street? We have all the options. However, the main difficulty is choosing which style to get. We have made it simple to know which one is right for you.   


Wedge Pregnancy Pillow 

This is self-explanatory, it's a pillow which can be "wedged" under your belly whilst sleeping to relieve the strain from your belly. These can also be used to prop yourself up in bed and feel more comfortable. As a wedge pillow can be used postpartum also, this is the product that keeps on giving. You can use this pillow to make yourself more comfortable whilst feeding your baby. You can use this pillow in the following ways;

💆‍♀️Under your head:

Place the pillow under your pillow with the smaller edge starting by your neck, this can be used to support your neck and head whilst you sleep and can also relieve heartburn and acid reflux. 

🤰Under your belly:

Place the smaller edge of the pillow under your belly when lying on your side to support the bump and to make sure your spine is aligned correctly. This can relieve pressure from the lower back and bump during pregnancy. 

🛌🏻Behind your back:

Use this to support your back when sitting up during pregnancy or postpartum whilst you're feeding your baby to ensure you're sitting comfortably. 


J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Again, this is very self-explanatory. It is a J-Shaped pillow which can be used to help you get comfortable in bed whilst your belly is growing with your baby. The long side of the pillow can be used to support your bump, knees and is also comfy to rest your head one. The top end of the pillow wraps under your neck and down your back to support your back during the night, making this easier to sleep and lay comfortably in bed. You can use this pillow in the following ways;

🦵Between your legs:

Use this pillow and hug it like a teddy bear. This can provide support for your bump, knees, and legs. You may find this the most comfortable position and your partner may be made redundant from the cuddles before sleep as your new pregnancy pillow will take top priority. 

🛌🏻Around your back:

As sleeping on your back is advised to avoid during pregnancy, this pillow can be used in order to prevent you from rolling over onto your back. Place your pillow behind your back and this will create a barrier between you and the bed. Making sleep much easier and preventing you to be woken up in pain. 



Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow

It's not rocket science to work this one out either. It is a full-length pillow in order to help relieve pain in your pelvis, lower back, bump, knees, and legs. These can adapt to the size and shape of everyone so it's great for the full length of your pregnancy as the pillow will adapt to your growing body. With these having two ties on the end, you can tie them to fit the shape of your body to keep the shape whilst you sleep. You can use this pillow in the following ways;

🦵Between your legs:

Ensure one leg is under the pillow and one is on top. putting the pillow between your legs reduces the pressure from your bottom leg, preventing fluid retention.

🙋The choice is yours:

This pillow can be used in any position you feel necessary as it can be molded to your size and shape as you grow. You can change this pillow to support the areas you feel most need the support. 



Where Can I Get a Pregnancy Pillow?

Many mother and baby stores such as Mothercare or Mamas&Papas sell a number of different pregnancy pillows. These can also be purchased online through places like Amazon. An important thing to make sure you look for when buying a pregnancy pillow is to ensure it is machine washable. This is important as many can lose shape when washed. If you end up finding a lifesaver in the pillow, chances are it will need washing during your pregnancy so it is a necessity to find one that you can wash. 

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