Should I Buy Maternity Clothes?

Should I Buy Maternity Clothes?

Are you approaching 20 weeks and finding your jeans are a little too snug? Do you think it's about time to invest in maternity jeans? Perhaps not, we have some tips and tricks to save you some money. 

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What is Maternity Clothing?

Dressing for just you is pretty easy on a daily basis. However, dressing you, your new body and a growing bump, not so much. Maternity clothing is supposed to make this easier for you. Maternity clothing is made specifically with pregnant women in mind, designed to handle the changes your body faces during pregnancy. The clothing can accommodate for changes such as;

  • Your bump increasing in size,
  • Your boobs increasing in size, 
  • Your hips growing wider, 
  • Your arms increasing in size slightly, 
  • Your legs increasing in size slightly, 
  • Your bum increasing in size. 


Can I Not Just Buy Bigger Clothes?

Many women think a whole wardrobe refresh is needed with all new maternity items but this is not the case. It is important to remember that you're only pregnant for 9 months so will possibly be wearing the items for a minimum of around 3-4 months. Women usually begin to transition into maternity clothing around 6 months into their pregnancy and will continue to wear their maternity clothes for a short while after labour. We have a few tips, tricks and hacks which can be used to save you some money. 

👖Maternity Jeans:

Maternity jeans are not cheap, as you may know but what if you could have comfortable jeans that fit with only one hair tie? Sounds too good to be true. Here is a step-by-step guide to get the perfect pair of jeans without spending a penny. 

  1. Grab a hair tie, 
  2. Hook the bobble around the button, 
  3. Pull and thread it through the button hole opening,
  4. Continue to pull and loop it back around the button. 

This allows your bump to grow without investing in a super expensive pair of jeans. 

👕Maternity T-shirts:

Maternity t-shirts can seem like such a great idea until you see the price tag. But to avoid the minus figure in your bank account, we have a trick, or just a little common sense. Go into your bedroom, into your PARTNER'S side of the wardrobe and raid it. Or just buy a few standard t-shirts in a larger size. This way you're staying comfortable but avoiding the price. 

You could also use your old t-shirts and tie them above your bump, with a maxi skirt pulled above. You can see this style becoming the in fashion amongst instagram so get involved. 

❌Cover Your Belly Button:

If your belly button is popping a little too much, try using a nipple cover to cover this under clothing. This will make your clothes smoother and much more comfortable.  


What Maternity Clothes Do I NEED To Buy?

As we have pointed out all the tips, tricks and hacks to cutting down on the maternity clothing needing to be purchased (we know it's not cheap). However, there are a few items that we see as a necessity to your wardrobe. 

✅Maternity Bra:

Your breasts will experience huge changes within the first month of pregnancy so around the 16 weeks mark you should be ready to invest into a comfy, supportive maternity bra. You can get fitted properly by a professional to ensure you're buying the correct size. This just makes sure you're comfortable and getting the maximum support from the bra. 

✅Maternity Leggings:

Maternity leggings can often look like you're going to be pulling them up for days but the extra material is there to support your bump as you're growing. These can be so much comfier and are a staple for your wardrobe during the last trimester. 

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