Should I Have A Baby Shower?

Should I Have A Baby Shower?

Someone announces they are pregnant and the first question that pops to mind is "who's planning the baby shower?" Who doesn't love being showered with itty-bitty baby clothes?

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What Is A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a fairly new celebration for the new mummy/parents-to-be to celebrate the news of their little one on the way. This celebration is a celebration involving the parents-to-be being showered with gifts for their little one and them becoming a new family. Traditionally the men are axed from this celebration and it's mainly women that are invited. 


What Happens At A Baby Shower?

The baby shower usually consists of games, gifts and lots and lots of yummy food. You can choose to do anything you wish at a baby shower but it is a good idea to do activities which will be lots of fun for everyone. It always fun to include some sort of competition especially for the competitive friends and family members. It would be nice for there to be some food and drink for your guests, this can be in the form of a buffet or an actual sit down meal, depending on the setting, theme and budget. 

What Games Can I Play At A Baby Shower?

Here are just a few of the games that you and your guests can take part in during the baby shower. Why not make it more competitive and have a prize for each game, give everyone something to work for. 

💩Chocolate Nappies:

A silly one for you. Get a number of disposable nappies and have the host (or yourself, just anyone who may wish to sit this one out) melt different brands of chocolate. Everyone should then have a good taste of the "poop" and make their guesses. 

👨Daddy know's it all:

This is a fun way to involve the father, even if he is not present at the baby shower. Have the host, or a member of the baby shower (anyone but the mother-to-be) and ask him a number of baby related questions, keep note of the answers. During the baby shower, ask the same set of questions to the mother-to-be and she must answer them as if she was her partner. It's a test of knowledge for both parents-to-be. 

🐕Animals, Babies and...

This is a fun one and can often leave people questions if they've ever even hear of a "leveret". Have a list of animals and have a space to write the corresponding name for the infant animal. This might be easier than you think and for dog=puppy and cat=kitten maybe, but when it comes to remembering what a baby bat is. 

💦Breaking the Waters:

You can find tiny little babies or even just baby heads from little party shops. Freeze them in an ice cube and give each member, or teams and make them try and induce the labour by warming it up (without making contact with the ice cube). The first person to have a floating baby, after having the ice cube melted, should be shouting "My Waters Have Broken!" 


Should I Have A Baby Shower?

Traditionally, the baby shower is a surprise and planned by a family member or a close friend. But, if you wish to break tradition and have a say in whether you have a baby shower or not, you can do so. You can choose to organise a little baby shower for yourself but it can be nice to take the pressure off yourself and allow someone plan something nice to enjoy. Whilst a baby shower is lovely and lots of fun, believe me, you don't HAVE to have one. It is an option and is just a fun way to celebrate your little one before they actually arrive. 

When Should I Have A Baby Shower?

If you're thinking of planning a baby shower you should think of the following; 

  • Due date, 
  • Daily schedule, 
  • Plans around this time, 
  • Health concerns for the mother. 

People have had baby showers very early on in pregnancy, just as others have had theirs a week or so before the baby is expected. It is all down to preference. It is best to wait until early to mid third trimester to ensure the pregnancy is far enough along to minimise risks but early enough to avoid the little one making an arrival at the baby shower. 

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