baby proof your home with magnetic cupboard locks

Baby Proofing Your Home Couldn't be Easier

Baby proofing your home can be intimidating. Where do you begin?! What do you need to buy? What products will work? Whether your baby has started crawling or is now walking, it's always good to be vigilant about what your little one is getting up to whilst exploring round the house.

On one hand you have those wonderful baby milestones to cherish, but on the other hand, you just can't relax when all you're thinking about is baby's next move!

What if keeping your children safe at home was easy?

My advice, act now before emptying your cupboards becomes the best game since peek-a-boo!


baby opening drawer

Baby Proofing Tips & Must-Haves

Child proofing your cupboards, cabinets and drawers with locks is a must. Every parent wants their child to be safe at home, and what better way to do it than in an easy way?

When we begin to hide things out of our babies' reach and sight (out of sight out of mind right?), it works for a little while. But before you know it your baby is 9 months old and they have started to crawl and later down the line, walk - how crazy!

The little clever clogs has worked it all out. They know exactly which cupboard is which, and where you keep certain things, particularly the exciting things.

Oh and just for good measure, your baby has probably now decided they love the peaceful serenity of repeatedly banging the doors of your cupboard and drawers!

So, let's get one step ahead and stop those tiny explorers! Don't let your baby out smart you too soon (that can wait until their teenage years!) and baby proof your home once and for all.

baby trying to climb

Well, we have created the perfect baby proofing kit that can be installed in just 30 seconds with no DIY skills needed and no lasting damage to your home.

Corner Protectors

Our child corner protectors guarantee a secure attachment to your furniture and give peace of mind while your child roams around. Super easy to install, say goodbye to those bumped heads!

Door Stops

Trapped fingers, we know, it's inevitable. How many of you have said 'you're going to hurt yourself' whilst watching your little one swing on the door handle? Well we've got you! Installing our door stopper prevents those little hands from injury and can be activated and deactivated at any time.

Safety Straps

These versatile little life savers are completely adjustable and have multifunctional useFrom drawers to doors, cupboards to cabinets, these child safety straps can do it all! But they go beyond just cupboard doors, they can secure toilets, fridges, bins, and ovens! 

Oven Lock

Speaking of swinging on doors, what about the oven door? A similar concept only this one can be hot! Installing an oven lock will stop your child from attempting to open your oven for a sneaky peak at dinner, ensuring you are keeping them safe.

Child Locks

Invisible to the eye our baby locks are an absolute must. With no tools or DIY skills needed, keep your toddlers and young children out those out of bounds areas, putting your mind at ease. So easy to use, with one small flick you can activate them when they're exploring, and deactivate them when they're gone. They really are the best! 

child cupboard locks

The Secret Behind the Best Child Safety Locks

Think long term. That's the secret. The best child cupboard locks are an inexpensive way to baby proof your living room, bathroom and kitchen cabinets as they guarantee long lasting safety and performance.

These magnetic child locks can be fitted by anybody, with no DIY experience needed whatsoever.

Fitted with extra strong 3M adhesive tape means no additional cost of tools, simple installation with no frustration, and no mess left behind. Simply apply a little heat to loosen the adhesive and voila! No lasting damage!

How to Install your Child Safety Locks?

You may ask, 'how do I install magnetic child safety locks with no drilling and without any DIY experience?'. Well, first things first...

Forget about traditional child door locks. They're tricky to install and even more irritating to use. Ever trapped your finger in one of these things!? WOW it hurts!

Our child safety cupboard locks are easy to install and even easier to use. Completely hidden from view, they are operated with a magnetic safety key to release the catch inside your cupboard, from the outside.

Remember when I mentioned your child loves the peaceful serenity of repeatedly banging the doors on your cupboards and drawers…

Well, these cupboard locks are a brilliant deterrent!

Why? Because they are completely hidden from view and because your child has yet to develop the motor skills to operate the magnetic keys

Okay, so what makes them so easy to install?

The BABYGO® Magnetic Child Safety Locks come complete with an innovative applicator tool for installation. The cool thing about this tool is, it is the only tool you need.

It is also the only tool that can guarantee your locks will be fitted with 100% accuracy because let's face it, you don't want a lock that does not line up with the catch!

Baby proofing your home couldn't be easier as anybody can fit these magnetic door locks in just 30 seconds! (Perhaps not your little one but that's for the best.)

  • Push your lock into one side of the installation tool, and your catch into the other 
  • Peel the adhesive 3m tape from both
  • Still in the applicator, stick your catch to the inside of your cupboard/drawer
  • Close your drawer or cupboard door
  • Open and remove the applicator

This child lock is really is that simple to fit!

child safety locks

How to Disable your Child Safety Cupboard Locks?

Something else that makes these drawer locks super cool, is that they give you more flexibility than ever.

Unlike traditional child proof door locks, once installed, these children's cupboard locks can be activated and de-activated whenever it suits your needs.

Having your grandkids over for a sleepover? Simply activate them when they arrive, and deactivate them when they've left. No hassle whatsoever!

Even better. Once your little ones are asleep or not at home, you have the freedom to deactivate these cupboard door locks.

You can open and unlock your magnetic door locks, in just seconds, it's that easy. Simply flick the hook on your lock catch, up to deactivate the locking mechanism, and down to reactivate the locking system.


I realise that once your baby has out grown them, some of us might want to completely remove the cupboard locks. Well hold your horses!

Why don't you leave the locks on the kitchen cupboards, and use it as a place to hide your favourite snacks from your partner?

But SHHHH…that's top secret between me and you!

Jokes aside, if you still want to remove your child safety locks it's really easy to do.

Unlike baby cupboard locks with screws you can remove these locks without the worry of leaving behind any mess, or damage to your furniture.

As they are bonded with 3M adhesive tape they guarantee for a clean and easy removal. Simply apply a little heat from a hair dryer, (this will warm up the adhesive and loosen the lock) and voila! 

No ugly screw holes, and no mess left behind!

removing child cupboard locks

Let's recap!

  • Superior Safety: Long lasting performance guaranteed.
  • Super Powerful Magnetic Door Lock: Works on premium quality furniture.
  • Extra Strong 3M Adhesive: No screwing needed and leaves behind no mess.
  • No DIY Skills Needed: The only lock that guarantees accurate installation in just 30 seconds.
  • Hidden from View: The best deterrent to stop your baby from opening your doors.

What more could you want? Be sure to tell us your baby proofing tips!

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