BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour: Your Ultimate Labour Companion

BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour: Your Ultimate Labour Companion

The birthing ball has gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years amongst pregnant women everywhere, and for good reason. This versatile and effective tool has proven to be a valuable aid for women in labour.

What is a Birthing Ball?

Also known as a pregnancy ball or exercise ball, a birthing ball is essentially a large inflatable ball designed to support the body during pregnancy and labour. These balls come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all requirements.

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What Makes a Birthing Ball Unique?

Unlike other birthing aids, the birthing ball is incredibly versatile. Its round shape allows for a wide range of movements and positions, making it a valuable tool to use while in labour. The benefits are numerous:

Pain Management

Labour pains can be intense, and finding ways to manage them is crucial. A birthing ball offers relief by allowing you to move your body and position yourself in ways that alleviate pain. Whether you gently rock back and forth or sway side to side, the ball's movements can help distract from the discomfort of contractions.

Promotes Relaxation

During labour, it's essential to stay relaxed, both physically and mentally. Sitting or bouncing on a birthing ball can help you relax your muscles and release tension. This relaxation can, in turn, aid the progression of labour.

Supports Proper Alignment

Maintaining proper alignment of the spine and pelvis is essential during labour. Using a birthing ball encourages good posture and positioning, which can facilitate the baby's descent through the birth canal.

Speeds Up Labour

Labour can be a lengthy process, but a birthing ball may help speed things up. The gentle bouncing or swaying movements on the ball can stimulate contractions and encourage the baby's descent.

Provides Comfort and Stability

As labour progresses, a birthing ball can offer a comfortable and stable surface for various positions, including kneeling or leaning forward. This stability can be especially helpful when you need support during contractions.

Enhances Blood Circulation

The gentle movements on the birthing ball can enhance blood circulation throughout your body. This improved circulation can reduce swelling and discomfort, making labour more manageable.

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As you can see, using a birthing ball during labour is a great idea and offers a wide array of benefits, easing your journey into motherhood.

But not all birthing balls are created equal...


Introducing the BABYGO® Peanut Ball

The lovely people at BABYGO® understand the profound significance of childbirth in a woman's life. Their journey began in 2019 with one clear goal: to become the top choice for pregnant women seeking safe and effective solutions for a healthier pregnancy and a more natural birth. Their flagship product, the BABYGO® Peanut Ball, has garnered acclaim for its role in revolutionising the birthing experience.

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A Comfortable Birth Experience

The BABYGO® Peanut Ball offers a multitude of benefits, including:

Reduced Risk of Tearing

Tearing during childbirth is a common concern. The peanut ball can help minimise this risk by promoting optimal positioning of your baby in the birth canal, reducing the pressure on delicate tissues.

Lower Chances of Intervention

Interventions such as forceps and vacuum extraction can be anxiety-inducing for expecting mothers. By using our peanut ball, you can encourage your body's natural progression, potentially reducing the need for such interventions.

Avoiding C-Sections

Cesarean sections are major surgeries that come with their own set of risks. The BABYGO® Peanut Ball aims to lower the likelihood of a C-section, providing you with a better chance for a natural birth experience.

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The Safety Factor

Safety is paramount when it comes to products for expectant mothers and their babies. The BABYGO® Peanut Ball is BPA, Hypoallergenic, and Phthalate Free, ensuring the safety of both you and your baby.

Also Includes a Labour Book:

The included book is designed to instil a positive mindset as you embark on this new journey. There is also a handy Hospital Bag Checklist to ensure you're well-prepared for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Box Contents

When you choose BABYGO, you'll receive a package that includes everything you need for a smoother birthing experience:

  • 1x BABYGO® Peanut Ball (50cm)
  • 1x BABYGO® Labour Book
  • 1x Foot Pump
  • 1x Tape Measure
  • 1x Plug Remover
  • 2x Ball Plug
  • Available in Blue and Nude
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