woman sleeping on pregnancy pillow

Could a Pregnancy Pillow be your New Best Friend?

The answer is yes, I believe it can be.

All jokes aside, I'm not over exaggerating when I say a pregnancy pillow will be a complete game changer for getting comfy on those sleepless nights. So maybe you're not convinced just yet, but I guarantee all that will soon change.


  1. What is a pregnancy pillow?
  2. The Best of the Best
  3. Pregnancy Pillow: The Facts
  4. Ok, but what do I do with it?
  5. Perfect for Postpartum
  6. Let's Recap!

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are pillows that are specially designed to follow the curves of your changing body during pregnancy. They also encourage various positions to sleep in that are safe for both you and baby.

Later in pregnancy, when finding a comfortable position becomes almost impossible, they can make sleeping more comfortable and help you stay asleep longer.

woman asleep on pregnancy pillow

The Best of the Best

With something as important as sleep, especially during pregnancy, you want to ensure you get a pillow that's perfect for you. This means there are a few things you should look out for:


Depending on how you like to sleep will determine what sort of shape you might like. Some pillows have dips that hug and support your bump, where as others have more of a simplistic shape that is more tube like. Another common feature some of them have is a built in section for your head, so no need for faffing round with your usual pillow. 

Much like a normal pillow, the I-shaped pillow is well, shaped like an 'I', however is often longer that a standard pillow so you can wrap your legs around it. Unlike your standard pillow, a pregnancy one has added compression resistance to give you the ultimate feeling of relief in those achey areas.

If you like to switch sides when you sleep (even when bump makes it more difficult), a U-shape pillow will allow you to do so easily, without having to swap it round every time and make you feel secure whilst you sleep.

On the other hand, if you don't think your partner will be the biggest fan of taking up so much room, a J-shape pillow might work better for you. They are essentially the same as a U-shaped one, just without the back part. 

Top Tip!

Get the best of both worlds! If you can't decide, you can often get U-shaped pillows that have a section to unzip, turning it into 2 pillows! An I-shape and a J-shape one. 

adjustable pregnancy pillow


If you're a warm sleeper, the material of your pillow is crucial. A cotton cover is a much better option as apposed to a polyester one, as it tends to be a lot more breathable.

You can also get a cooling pregnancy pillow, specifically designed to keep you cooler. These are often removable meaning you can wash them as much or as little as you like for a lovely fresh night's sleep.

For ultimate comfort, we recommend a pearl cotton filling as not only does it feel like sleeping on a cloud, but also provides the support you need!


Ignoring the material for a moment, you need to think about how you can get the optimal comfort when sleeping. 

With bump putting added pressure on your back and hips, the pregnancy body pillow can help decrease this discomfort, and encourage you to drift off easier. Whether it's your back, hips, pelvis, knees or belly, say goodbye to aches and pain, and say say hello to a decent sleep. 

cooling pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy Pillow: The Facts

Sleeping on your side promotes blood circulation

It's extremely important for pregnant women to sleep on their sides as it promotes blood circulation. A side sleeper pregnancy pillow will allow you to sleep on your side, whilst getting as much comfort as possible

Back sleeping is no more

Due to the fact that sleeping on your back can compress important veins that carry bloody to your baby, back sleeping is out of the question. Not only can a pillow push you to sleep on your side, it can also prevent you from rolling onto your back.

You need sleep!

As self explanatory is this is, getting enough sleep whilst pregnant with ensure your pregnancy is smooth and safe. The more rest you get, the stronger you will feel when it's time to get that baby out. A women's pregnancy pillow will not only help you to fall asleep, but for longer too!

sleeping with pregnancy pillow

Ok, but what do I do with it?

You may be thinking this sounds great, but are unsure how to use a pregnancy pillow. Well, let's break it down. 

Switching up positions

Pregnancy pillow positions are really important when it comes to sleep. To ensure you get a good night's sleep, and that you and baby are safe, learn the best and worst ways to use your pregnancy pillow.

Left is best

It has been proven that sleeping on your left side increases blood flow to you and baby. Lay in the middle of your pillow (if u-shaped) or place your pillow to your left (if j-shaped) and wrap one leg over and around the pillow, whilst laying on your left side. 

Back Sleeper

On the other hand, sleeping on your back does the opposite, and can actually cause swelling and a lack of blood flow to your baby. Avoid back sleeping.

Propped Up Back Sleeper

As much as you should avoid sleeping on your back, propping yourself up with some pillows for a semi-upright position is fine. It can be really comfy, and even help with heartburn!

Front Sleeper

It goes without saying that sleeping on top of a watermelon that kicks isn't the comfiest, but you should avoid sleeping on your front as it can add pressure to your bump and cause discomfort to your tender breasts.

More than just sleeping

Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow is the most obvious use, however there are so many other ways to ensure you are making the most of your pillow.

Fancy getting comfy but not going to sleep? Take it to the sofa and settle down with a good film on for the best pregnancy pillow comfort.


pregnancy pillow on sofa

Like the propped up back sleeper, grab some pillows to prop yourself up, grab a book, and cosy on up in the little cocoon around you. 

pregnancy sleeping pillow

Perfect for Postpartum

I hate to break it to you but your probably won't snap back to a perfect sleeping pattern once baby has arrived, and chances are, it might even be worse. The good news is, a pregnancy pillow can still help once little one is here! 

Your body will still need to rest up as much as possible, and since you are used to going to sleep with it, it makes no sense to simply dispose of it. Keep that new best friend in your life for as long as you like - it ain't going nowhere! 

Let's Recap!

- Eases aches and pains

- Takes pressure of your hips and back

- Ultimate comfort and support

- Promotes blood circulation

- Not just for pregnancy, but postpartum too

- Helps you get to sleep and for longer!

What are you waiting for? The perfect companion who doesn't snore, doesn't answer back, and best of all, doesn't hog the duvet!

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