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Do Postpartum Belts really work?

Before we talk about postpartum recovery, let's take a moment to embrace the fact you have just brought a new little life into the world! Go you! Make sure you take time to process everything before you even think about trying to get back into a routine. 

Don't be afraid to ask for an extra helping hand when you need it, relax and pamper yourself when you can. You'll heal better in the long run if you give yourself time to rest and recover after birth. 

Now that I have reminded you to look after yourself, it's time to talk about postpartum belts, and how you might need to consider getting one. 


  1. Benefits of wearing a Postpartum Belt
  2. Belly Binding
  3. C-section Friendly
  4. Things to consider
  5. The BABYGO® Postpartum Recovery Belt
  6. Your Questions Answered


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Benefits of wearing a Postpartum Belt

  1. Reduces tenderness and swelling
  2. Relieves postnatal discomfort
  3. Eases pains
  4. Protects c-section without irritation
  5. Wear as much or as little as you like
  6. Encourage your postpartum body back to it's pre pregnancy shape
  7. Best support for core muscles and lower back
  8. Help to ease the transition from pre to post birth
  9. Improve your posture and mobility
  10. Can decrease the risk of postnatal complications

Belly Binding

In a nutshell, belly binding involves wrapping material around your torso tightly to help hold it in place. This can be really important when it comes to postpartum healing, as your body will continue to change post birth. The gentle compression provides ultimate support and encourages your body to recover properly and quickly.

During pregnancy, your body stretches and organs move around to accommodate for baby, but after delivery, everything needs to return back to it's original position. 

Postpartum belly binding can not only support the pelvic floor, but hold muscles and ligaments together in a safe and comfortable way. 

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C-section Friendly

You read it right ladies, purchasing a belt for postpartum is completely c-section friendly! 

The recovery period after a c-section can be uncomfortable, and may seem to last forever! Well, let me tell you, a study discovered that women who delivered by c-section that wore a recovery belt, experienced less pain, bleeding and discomfort than those who didn't wear a belt. 

Wearing a c section recovery belt can not only ensure that your incision heals properly, but protect your incision too. Make sure you do your research and look into belt materials with a soft, breathable fabric.

Reducing swelling and tenderness is something else a c section belt can help with, as the light compression encourages muscle memory and recovery, to give your body that pre-pregnancy feel!

Top Tip!

Postpartum underwear can also protect your incision, as well as add gentle compression to heal you, without irritation. 

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Things to consider:


You need a fabric that is comfortable and lightweight. Whether you have had a c-section or not, you've just had a baby! Optimal comfort is key.

We recommend a postpartum support belt that is lined with bamboo fibre as it is the perfect lightweight fabric to hug your figure. You can also look into getting a belt with mesh insets as they provide ultimate breathability.


Getting a belt that gives you the flexibility to have a loose or tight fit on both your upper and lower abdomen is crucial. That way, you have the freedom to get the support you need around your torso, without too much compression in the places you don't want it. 

A postpartum belly belt made using 2-way stretch spandex means you get the best support. It also means you can wear it under or over clothing as it is super easy to move in. 

Look at getting a belt with a wide velcro band allows maximum adjustability for a fit that’s perfect for you!

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This may sound silly, but you don't want a belt that is difficult to put on, you never know when you may want to wear it, and have no one to help to get it on!

To get all the benefits of a postpartum recovery belt, you need to be pulled in evenly from either side. A belt that secures safely around your front will guarantee this. 


Yes, you're allowed to think about yourself, and consider the mental impact of wearing a postpartum belt, as well as the physical impact. 

Belly binding with a recovery belt will hold your tummy in and redefine your waistline to give you that shape that you haven’t seen for 9 months!

Not only that, it will improve your posture and mobility after giving birth, as well as getting all the abdominal support you need.

Helping your body get back to it’s pre pregnancy shape couldn’t be easier as wearing a belt will reduce swelling and quicken your healing process.

Say goodbye to any insecurities and say hello to your new found confidence!

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The BABYGO® Postpartum Recovery Belt

As far as postpartum belly binding belts go, this one has it all. 

You won't get a more soft or comfortable lightweight fabric that not only improves your posture, but also binds your core muscles. We love how it applies gentle compression whilst supporting you and providing postnatal healing.

The 2 pieces of velcro across the front allows you to have the flexibility to make it looser or tighter on your upper and lower torso. This means you can feel ultimate support without having too firm of a fit. It also means complete adjustability to mould it perfectly to your body!

This belt is great for c-section with breathable mesh insets that help to reduce tenderness and swelling. It will also protect your incision if you have had a c-section, giving that extra helping hand around your back and hips where you may need it.

Whether you're keen to get out the house, or are happy to sit in spending time with your little one, wearing a belt after birth will encourage you to get back on your feet.

 c-section recovery belt

Your Questions Answered 

When should I start wearing a belt for postpartum?

There's no time like the present! You can start wearing a belt post birth as soon as the same day you leave the hospital (typically 2-4 days after giving birth). We understand everyone is different and recommend consulting your doctor before doing so.

How long should I wear a postpartum belly belt for?

The best way to get the results you want it wearing your belt for the first 8-12 weeks postpartum. This will allow time for the Relaxin hormone settle.

Can I wear a postpartum belt while sleeping?

In short, yes. It is completely safe to wear a belly band whilst sleeping, and some prefer to. However, it is important to remember everyone is different.  Some may find it speeds up their healing process, whereas others may find it has an impact on their sleep quality. It really does come down to personal preference.

Can I use postpartum belt after c-section?

Absolutely! Wearing a c-section postpartum belt can protect and heal your incision properly, encourage muscle memory, and reduce tenderness and swelling. What more could you want?

When can I start wearing a postpartum belt after c-section?

Again, we advise speaking to your doctor before doing so, but you can start wearing it as little as 2 weeks after. As we said everyone is different and so that doesn't mean to say the same goes for you, but either way it is a great way to support your core muscles and reduce pain and even reduce bleeding!

When is it too late to wear a postpartum belly wrap? 

If you are 3-4 months postpartum, you probably won't feel the benefits to wearing a postpartum girdle however technically speaking, it's never too late and it may still work to an extent.

How often can I wear a postpartum support band?

In simple terms, as little or as often as you like! However once you get the go ahead to wear one, most belly wraps are recommended to be worn no more than 12 hours a day.

Are belly wraps the same as waist trainers?

No, they are very much different! Waist trainers have the aim to cinch in your waist tightly to attempt to reshape your stomach. This can potentially harm your internal organs and be quite frankly, be extremely dangerous. A postpartum girdle helps to shrink your uterus internally and tighten your lower belly, by gently compressing your abdomen.

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Help to ease the transition from pre to post birth, whilst getting the support you need throughout your postpartum journey and beyond!

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