Snug as a Bug: Why choose BABYGO® Baby Grows with zips

Snug as a Bug: Why choose BABYGO® Baby Grows with zips

Ahhhh baby clothing...possibly the cutest thing you can buy a little one. I mean come on, how can you resist a cuddly baby in a white baby grow?

You may not realise, but baby clothing isn't just baby clothing, there are many elements to think about when it comes to choosing what to dress them in. Let's break them down!


  1. Sleep Suit Secrets
  2. Why BABYGO®
  3. Cuddling to Crawling: Baby Development 
  4. Age is Just a Number: A Guide to Sizing
  5. Cool or Cosy: Dress for all Weathers
  6. PJ Party!
  7. Top Tips

 two babies in pink baby grow

Sleep Suit Secrets 

Finding a babygrow zipper that both you and your little one love can be a challenge. A sleepsuits a sleepsuit right? Wrong. The perfect baby sleepsuit can have a variety of positive purposes.

From the softest organic fabrics to the most adorable patterns, we have curated a collection of insights, tips, and tricks to help you delve into the world of baby clothing.


Two-way Zippers

That's baby grows! When it's time for a nappy change there's no waiting around and you need to get that onesie off. Press studs can often be a bit of a faff, and with a wiggly baby, it makes the job 10 times longer. With a zip sleepsuit, (a two-way one might I add) you'll be flying through nappy changes in no time!

two-way zipper baby grow

Organic Bamboo Material

If you've never felt how soft bamboo is, you really need to. And what better way to do so than cuddling your baby. Natural bamboo fibres ensure ultimate comfort and breathability, and is hypoallergenic and thermoregulating (but we will get to that soon). 

baby climbing

Fold Over Hands & Feet

If you dread the thought of your curious explorer accidentally scratching their face, then this one's for you. Our new born babygrow with zipper has fold over hands from sizes tiny baby to 12 months, and fold over feet all the way up to 24 months. So no more inquisitive hands, and no more chilly toes!

fold over hands and feet baby grow

Hypoallergenic Fabric

A dream for babies with sensitive skin, hypoallergenic materials are great at avoiding allergic reactions. This is because they contain few allergy-producing substances known as allergens. So say goodbye to itchy skin, and hello to a comfortable, happy baby!

toddler holding rocketThermoregulating

This sixteen letter word looks a bit confusing doesn't it? Don't worry, all it means is that we can help your babies' body temperature naturally regulate. In a nutshell, they can quickly warm up when they're a little cold, and quickly cool down when they're feeling toasty. 

two babies lying down

17 Designs Available

Choosing the right style is also a factor when selecting the right bamboo newborn clothes. At the end of the day, with all these great qualities, you want to like how it looks. We have 11 different patterned and 6 different solid coloured ribbed zip babygrow, you will be spoilt for choice!

toddler in lion baby grow 

Cuddling to Crawling: Baby Development

It's nothing new that babies love to move! Whether they're learning to crawl, or following you to the bathroom, they're always on the go and eager to investigate. Perhaps you're thinking 'what has this got to do with clothing?', well, let me explain. 

Having complete freedom and mobility to investigate is crucial to a little ones learning. Opting for outfits that allow easy movement is like giving them the green light for exploration, which is crucial for cognitive growth. Soft, comfy fabrics not only let them move freely but also contribute to the development of motor skills.

On the flip side, tight or uncomfortable clothes might be a bit like putting brakes on their natural crawling and toddling instincts. And, let's not forget about the importance of textures in clothes – those little sensory adventures can work wonders in stimulating their growing minds.

So, it's not just about dressing up; it's about supporting their exciting journey of discovery and development!

toddler climbing on chair

Age is Just a Number: A Guide to Size

I know what you're thinking, this is all good and well but you've never seen anything grow as fast as your baby! Can you get one more wear out of that favourite outfit? Is it time to start giving away hand me downs? Well, let's look into all things sizing.

Baby zip sleepsuits sizing is usually broken down based on age, but like adults, everyone is different. There's nothing to say your baby should or shouldn't fit in a particular size as this will all depend on their length.

Here is a size guide when buying baby clothes:baby clothing size guide

If you consistently purchase baby clothes that match your baby's current age, it's likely they will outgrow them on a weekly basis, especially with newborns. We recommend having a couple of extra onesies across different sizes.

"Our baby sleep suit collection is made from 95% bamboo and 5% spandex meaning they have optimal stretch and are designed up to last 2 months longer. Because let's face it, there's nothing more frustrating than getting the most adorable outfit for them and only getting 1 wear out of it."

Available from tiny baby to 24 months we cater from newborn sleepsuits to toddler grows!

baby in flower baby grow

Cool or Cosy: Dress for all Weathers

Anyone feel guilty for taking their baby out in the freezing cold? Trust us, so long as they're dressed weather ready, they will definitely appreciate the fresh air, and love having a nosey at the world around them. Always use your initiative and do what sounds right, because chances are, it will be.


A general rule for colder weather is to dress baby as you've dressed yourself, but add a layer. For example, if you are wearing a t-shirt and hoodie, take your child out in a vest, sleep suit, and cardigan/jumper. Babies mainly lose heat through their heads, so ensure you have a hat on hand! In warmer weather, a single layer tends to be enough. 


This one's a given, but your little one needs to be exactly how goldilocks likes her porridge! Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. If it's cold, it can be tempting to wrap them up snug as a bug. However, overheating can be dangerous for babies and it is better for them to be slightly cooler than too hot. 


We definitely recommend using a sleep bag during the night as it prevents baby's head from getting caught under a blanket, and stops them from wriggling under bedding. If you do use a sleep bag for babies and sense that they are chilly, consider adding an additional layer of clothing but not an additional blanket. The tog of a baby sleeping bag all depends on the temperature of the room they're sleeping in.

baby sleeping bag tog guide

PJ Party!

You guessed it - matching kids pyjamas! Crafted from the same premium bamboo fabric as our babygrow zipper sets, these supersoft pjs feel like butter!

We understand the importance of creating a comfortable sleep for children, and our kids pyjama sets are made from hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on sensitive skin. No more worrting about irritating rashes or discomfort, just a great night's sleep.

But comfort is not the only priority; we've taken it a step further by using thermoregulating materials. These magical fabrics adapt to your child's body temperature, ensuring they stay snug and warm during chilly nights while remaining cool on warmer evenings. It's like a built-in thermostat for a dreamy sleep experience.

Our children's pyjamas are available in four designs, from playful animals to funky flowers, there's a design to suit every taste. Designed with growing children in mind, our childrens pjs are available for ages 12 months to 8 years old. This ensures a perfect fit for every stage of your child's early years.

 boy in safari pyjamas

Top Tips:

Choose natural fabrics

As babies skin is more sensitive and prone to allergies, our recommendation is premium bamboo. It is softer on their delicate skin and they're less likely to have a reaction.

Keep it simple

We know, stocking up on cute baby outfits is a must, however there's no point if they're not comfortable. By all means choose clothing with cute designs and crazy prints, but ensure that they are happy with how it feels. 

Stock up on the basics

You can NEVER have too many baby sleepsuits. Whether your little one is growing rapidly or you're going through clean baby grows like they're going out of fashion, you'll thank us later. Aim for approximately 3-4 outfits changes a day.

Plan for growth

We all know that babies grow out of clothing super fast, so where necessary, buy clothes for the upcoming months, ready for when they're bigger. If your baby is 9 months when buying clothes, consider buying a size or two up as well. The BABYGO® Zip Up Baby Grows can stretch up to 2 months after their selected size!

baby in car onesie

And that's a wrap! Remember babies need comfortable soft clothes that give them the freedom to explore and investigate. No matter what the season, trust your gut and you'll be ready for all weathers!

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