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Bras, Knickers and Nursing: A Guide to Postpartum Underwear

So you've introduced your little one into the big wide world (congratulations mama, you did it), but now it's time to think about you! I know what you're thinking, underwear is underwear,...

So you've introduced your little one into the big wide world (congratulations mama, you did it), but now it's time to think about you!

I know what you're thinking, underwear is underwear, right? Wrong. Getting the best postpartum underwear for you can make all the difference. From size to material, comfort to gussets, I am here to tell you everything you need to know!


  1. Who? What? Where? Why? When?
  2. Postpartum Bras
  3. Postpartum Knickers
  4. Shape and Size
  5. What about c-section?
  6. Postpartum Pants Myths
  7. Your Questions Answered

woman in postpartum underwear

Who? What? Where? Why? When?

WhoPostpartum underwear is targeted at women primarily who have given birth, however that doesn't mean you can't use them during pregnancy, and it doesn't mean you ever have to stop using them. They can also be used for periods and incontinence (but we will get to that later).

What - After giving birth, you may experience leaks and bleeds. Whilst this is completely normal, it can often be irritating and get in the way of going about your day to day life. You may also want to start breastfeeding and will need to consider underwear that's suitable, and will make things easier for you. This is where we say hello to postpartum underwear.

Where - Ok yes, so obviously on your body, but let's think beyond that. Think where you can wear them. To a picnic in a loose summer dress, a catch up with friends wearing jeans or simply lounging about in your joggers. You can also think about where you can keep them. A spare pair of knickers in your handbag, a nursing bra in your hospital bag, the possibilities are endless.

Why - Postpartum underwear in a nutshell, is made to make your life easier as a new mum. Postpartum knickers will absorb any discharge or bleeding you may have pre and post giving birth, and nursing bras will give your breasts the support they need, whilst keeping you comfortable and allowing you to breastfeed if you wish to.

When - There's no time like the present, be prepared and get yourself some postpartum underwear now!

nursing sleep bra

Postpartum Bras

Whether you're breastfeeding or not, it's good to find the perfect maternity bra to begin your postpartum journey. A nursing bra can help greatly when it comes to feeding time as not only are they practical, but super comfy too!

You can also get a nursing sleep bra which doubles as a breastfeeding bra, but can be worn well, to sleep in. They are supportive for your breasts and have a luxury feel so you can get the best night's sleep! Sound good? You can also wear them during pregnancy.

postpartum underwear

Postpartum Knickers

Postpartum knickers are often made with a built in gusset meaning they can be reusable - so no need for pads! They tend to have a gentle compression and are made from a soft material such as Tencel™ modal, meaning no irritation! 

You can also get disposable postpartum underwear that isn't reusable and you can get rid of after each use. However, they can become expensive as you tend to run out of them quickly. Not only that, they can cause irritation when worn frequently due to the material. 

Top Tip!

Experiencing pregnancy leaks or incontinence? With the built in gusset, they're also perfect during pregnancy.

woman in pregnancy underwear

Shape and Size

Does a flattering V cut bra sound like a bit of you? Or is a sporty racer back more to your taste? Do you want a nice low rise? Or are you more excited about high waisted postpartum underwear? It really comes down to personal preference however take time to find the perfect shape for you. You have just had a baby after all - you deserve a treat!

Top Tip!

We recommend sizing up one size from your usual go to size pre-pregnancy. This will ensure you get optimal comfort and allow a little extra room if needs be.

What about c-section?

You may have be preparing for a cesarean delivery or perhaps it wasn't planned, either way, you still need to get ready for that postpartum journey to begin. I know underwear might be the last thing on your mind, but if you've just had major abdominal surgery, getting the right underwear is important.

Post c-section underwear is designed to support you with gentle compression, without irritating you, or getting in the way of your incision. 

Benefits of c-section underwear:

  • Gentle compression 
  • Offer support
  • Reduce swelling
  • Comfortable fit
  • No irritation
  • Built in gusset

postpartum pants

Postpartum Pants Myths

You've been bloated, uncomfortable and sore for the last 9 months, and now you've finally met your little one. You're exhausted, overwhelmed, and your emotions are through the roof. And what do you get given? Hospital postpartum disposable underwear. 

Well let me tell you now, the word disposable is there for a reason. Get rid of them and get the soft reusable ones out of your hospital bag! 

Postpartum underwear doesn't have to be bulky or unflattering. It can still look amazing, whilst being be super comfy and getting all the support you need! 

Your Questions Answered

Can you use postpartum underwear for periods and incontinence?

Yes most definitely! Any underwear designed for postpartum are perfect for periods and incontinence, as the built in gusset is a great way to replace pads!

Have a little look at how much liquid the knickers can hold, but a gusset that holds a medium period flow is great as this can be up to 3 tampons worth.

How long should I wear postpartum knickers for?

After birth, you will often have bleeding and discharge from anywhere between 3-6 weeks. Definitely wear your underwear during this time, and there's nothing to say you can't wear it beyond that too!

On a day to day, wear them for as long as you see fit. For example, if you bleed heavier for a particular day, change them. 

What temperature should I wash them at?

We recommend sticking to a 30º wash and avoiding fabric softeners.

Do you recommend under the bump or over the bump?

This really comes down to personal preference. Some may like a low rise fit, or others may like everything tucked in, it really is up to you.

If you have had a c-section ensure you underwear fits above or below your incision as you don't want to cause any irritation and stay as comfortable as possible.

woman unclipping nursing bra

You may be a mama who thrives off comfort, and wears everything in XXL. Or you could like support and compression, and like your clothing to hug you. 

Whichever you prefer, it's what's underneath that counts. Know your underwear!

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