Pregnancy Gift Ideas for First Time Mums (2022)

Pregnancy Gift Ideas for First Time Mums (2022)

Christmas to birthdays, Mother's Day to a congratulations gift; we've thought of it all. We can take the pressure off choosing a thoughtful gift for your pregnant wife, friend or colleague.

We all know how emotions heighten for pregnant women, so we can help save you from the wrath of getting, let's just say, an awful present! 

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Top 3 Comfort Gifts for Mums-to-be☁️

Pyjamas, dressing gown and a nice pair of comfy slippers. Sounds like perfection right? Whether you give them as individual items or a cozy little set, you can't go wrong with fluffy socks and hot water bottle.

1) Pyjamas & Dressing Gown

Winter or summer (we all know what the weather can be like) pyjamas are worn all year round, you just need to find the perfect ones! Sometimes it can become a little expensive buying clothing when a women's bump is rapidly growing, but there are some super affordable pjs out there that are super cute too (like the ones below)! 


2) Slippers or Fluffy Socks

Let's be honest, the amount of socks we loose in a year is ridiculous, so you can never own too many! And nowadays you can get all sorts of socks with relatable quotes, funny sayings and crazy images on them.

Socks like the ones below with anti slip pads are perfect for the hospital when the time comes. Mum-to-be can be more mobile whilst remaining safe, and have that little reminder to "Keep calm and push!"


3) Pregnancy Related Clothing

To avoid the awkward stares, the unsure questions and the uncertainty to give up your seat on the bus, get your future mama a pregnancy t-shirt. Help them announce to the world on the daily that they are in fact pregnant and no, haven't just come from an all you can eat buffet (although that does sound great!).

Our example is a Christmas themed pregnancy t-shirt but you could spend all day looking through the endless options of clothing. We think any expectant mother would find gifts like these funny, cute and comfy. 


Top 3 Books for Expectant Mums📚

You can't beat sit down in the evening with a book in hand and a cup-of-tea in the other. It's often hard to find time to read during your busy life but for the women on maternity leave before their little one arrives, they have plenty. We've picked out the top 3 to gift to those mums who constantly have their heads in a book. 

1) The BIG FAT Activity Book for Pregnant People

This present plays the role of a diary, colouring book, and a brutally honest mummy manual all wrapped up into one. Perfect for the mums-to-be who want to relax, laugh silly, whilst also have the encouragement that their feelings and worries about becoming a mother are completely normal. 


2) The Positive Birth Book

As much as we would all like to imagine a pain-free, stress-free and easy peasy birth, things don't always go the way we want. This book is a perfect gift for any expecting mums with a list as long as her arm of worries and questions. This book will possibly hold all the answers and more!

The Positive Birth Book can help take the worry out of the experience and leave them feeling less in the dark. Having a good understanding of what makes a positive pregnancy and birth can make all the difference. It's all about mindset! 



3) How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out

First a mother, now a midwife to many, we have a book written by a woman who wants to share her knowledge with other pregnant women who are bobbing about in the deep end, finding out they are pregnant with their first. This gift idea is jam-packed with tips and tricks for new mummies with a pinch of humour from Clemmie Hooper herself. 


Top 3 Gifts Perfect for Relaxing🛁

You're fresh out the bath, slippers on, dressing gown tied and a selection of pampering goodies to choose from. What more would a pregnant lady want? 

A good night's sleep may be a start but that can only be helped by being as relaxed as possible, which we have the perfect gifts for...

1) New Mummy Pampering Gift Set

Growing a baby means getting bigger, and getting bigger means getting about becomes harder. So, having something to do in the comfort of your own home is perfect when it comes to an expecting mum.

Although the simple option is to buy a pre-made, ready to give pamper box, it's nice to add a personal touch to it. Why not try making your own? We have made a great list of things to add full of ideas to include:

  • Bath Soak
  • Bath bomb/crystals
  • Hair mask
  • Face and body oil
  • Nail varnish
  • Body butter
  • Face mask
  • Candle
  • Wax melt

Make sure your check all items are safe for use during pregnancy otherwise this will make for a very disappointing gift. Wrap it in a nice little gift box and there you have it, a lovely gift that has SO much thought in it. 

2) Calming Bracelet

It's easy to forget about mum when you find out about a pregnancy as it's all about baby. However, that soon to be mama may have all kinds of pregnancy questions and concerns.

Amber pregnancy bracelets can help with the stress and anxiety of welcoming a little one into your family. You can find a selection of these online and can be a great present for new mummies and mummies welcoming their second child, third, fourth or beyond! 


3) Pregnancy Pillow

Drifting off to sleep can be hard enough as it is, never mind having a huge bump to be mindful of when you're getting comfy. The best present a pregnant woman, or anyone for that matter, could receive is a good night's sleep. Now, we realise you can't gift someone a good night's sleep, so we've thought of the perfect gift idea to help with this.

A pregnancy pillow can help create a comfy space for the expectant mother to sleep, without the bad back in the morning! There are a variety of pregnancy pillows with all sorts of benefits, but to help choose the perfect one, we have a dedicated blog which you can read here

👀Keep your eyes peeled for the BABYGO® Pregnancy Pillow coming soon!


 Top 3 Gifts for Mums on the Go🏃🏻‍♀️

Ok yes, relaxing is all good and well, but what if you're always out and about? A nice long walk is a perfect way to stay fit and keep moving whilst pregnant, and these gift ideas will be sure to make a moving mama smile!

1) BABYGO® Maternity Leggings

A staple in their wardrobe, maternity leggings are a must!

Our maternity leggings have lightweight, silky smooth fibres that are built to last, with excellent sweat wicking properties. this means they are perfect for gym goers, yogis, and mums to be on the move! 

New go to leggings they won't want to take them off! The gentle compression pocket supports and grows with bump, flattering their figure and relieving tension without compromising on style.

maternity leggings

2) Yoga Mat

Does your pregnant friend, partner or colleague love keeping active and being on the move during pregnancy? Well a yoga mat may just be exactly what they need. Not only is yoga the perfect form of exercise whilst pregnant, it will keep them fit during those long nine months and can have all sorts of added benefits when it comes to the arrival of baby.

3) BABYGO@ Pregnancy Support Belt 

Is your pregnant friend, wife or colleague experiencing lower back pain, sore hips or pelvic girdle pain? We have the perfect gift for this. A pelvic support belt can help stabilise their spine, lift their belly and encourage proper posture.

This can minimise the pain they may experience during pregnancy as well as give them the support they need. Our pregnancy support belt also comes with a 40 page pregnancy book which provides you with a number of exercises to help with those dreaded pregnancy aches and pains. 

 pregnancy support belt

Top 3 Gifts to be Prepared for Labour🤰🏼

We all know those expectant mummies who have their hospital bags at the ready from 10 weeks onwards, and will re-pack it on the daily to be sure they've got everything. Here are a few gift ideas for the "bag at the ready" and "preparation is key" pregnant mums to be. 

1) BABYGO® Maternity Underwear

 Underwear can be a BIG problem riding up in the wrong places, so it isn't a surprise this can be an absolute pain for a pregnant woman. 

In pregnancy, her hips expand, so getting underwear that stretches with her changing body is important. With a flattering low cut, these seamless maternity knickers blend style with superior protection and fit perfectly without any pressure beneath bump. Think she'll prefer them to be over the bump? You'll get both comfort and great support with our high waist maternity knickers.

Baby you want to get her the best breastfeeding bra! Our pregnancy bras are available in cup sizes A to H, made entirely from bamboo fabric with no tags, wires, or hooks.

She can nurse and pump conveniently with the maternity sleep bra using simple clips. The cross-cut design of the nursing bra makes feeding quick and easy. 

2) Hospital Bag

Often a woman has such joy from choosing her cute little hospital bag which usually involves a pretty little pattern and a matching miniature bag for the little one on the way. But if your pregnant-present receiver isn't so much interested in the matching bags, or even bags in general, a thoughtful present would be a lovely hospital bag. A nice touch would to also include a checklist of things they will need to bring to the hospital. We have a ready made blog post of what to bring in your hospital bag, so we've made this super easy for you. Depending on your budget, maybe check a few things off the list and pack them in the bag for the expectant mummy. On Amazon, you can now purchase a pre-filled, pre-packed hospital bag full of useful essentials. 


3) BABYGO® Birthing Ball

As the mum-to-be approaches labour she may be wishing she had listened to all the health care professionals out there and invested in a good quality birthing ball. So take the regret out of the pregnancy and purchase a BABYGO® Birthing Ball so they can use this throughout pregnancy, labour and during postpartum recovery. A birthing ball can minimise those dreaded aches and pains also whilst making sitting and moving about much easier and almost pain free.

It makes a pretty good foot rest too!

BABYGO®  Birthing Ball

Top 3 Gift ideas for Sentimental Mums👶🏽

Pregnant ladies love nothing more than cutesy baby stuff and lovely trinket gifts to promote their new status of being a mother. Everything from memory books to imprint sets we have all the cuteness at the best prices for you. Yes, these are more for the newborn but it’s also something a mother will cherish forever. Grab yourself a little gift bag, pop one of these in and you're sorted. 

1) Personalised Blanket

A very cute, but extremely popular, present idea is a personalised blanket which are usually a nursery accessory for the little one. Then a lifelong keepsake for the mother. A newborn can never have too many blankets and can often be kept whilst growing up. You can get little personal touches added, such as the baby’s name (if this has been decided) or maybe the family’s surname (e.g. Baby Clifford).


2) Handprint/Footprint DIY Set

Another lovely little keepsake that new parents seem to love is the imprint of their little one's hands and feet. Now, even though Facebook have some pretty cool "how to" videos, don't leave the new parents staining their carpet, making a mess and not having anything to show for it. You can now buy the little ready made sets to have this done in the comfort of your own home, without having to pay over the odds. These sets can be purchased online to imprint your baby's hands prints. 


3) “My First” Picture Frame + *BONUS PRESENT IDEA

If you stepped foot into 5 new parents’ homes, I can guarantee that you would find zero images of their new family member. Instead, just a few scan pictures here and there. But if I asked you to look on the Facebook Timeline’s of those 5 new parents, you will find endless amounts of pictures of their little one. It could be a nice idea to treat the mum-to-be to a cute little memories picture frame of their little one’s “firsts”. These can be found in many places now and you can also find personalised ones which just adds that special little touch.

*Depending on the budget, you could treat the expectant mummy to a newborn photoshoot, including both mum and dad. These can be pricey so it’s a present idea which would usually come from a partner or a close family member.


"Sweet Tooth" Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women🍬

 As well as pregnant women craving unusual foods such as pickles, coal and dog treats, many love a good jar of sweets, a huge slice of cake or a cookie before bed. Not everyone has a sweet tooth but these gift ideas are perfect for the woman who would rather reach for a dozen donuts over french fries. 

1) Cookies, Cupcakes and Donuts 

There are some cute, but questionable, cookie designs that can be given as gifts nowadays. But even if you can only just make out what they're supposed to be, they usually make pretty yummy gifts. Looking at saving yourself a bit of time? These can easily be ordered from a bakery and can be picked up at a convenient time for you. But if you're looking at scoring yourself some extra brownie points? Be sure to add a personal touch and make these at home with a little help from google. 

Be sure to have a back up option, just in case your impersonation of Mary Berry doesn't quite make the cut. 


2) Baby themed Sweet box

Sweet boxes are the new thing now. Everywhere you look is a pop up shop selling ready made boxes of a mixture of sweets that can be customised for any occasion. Including welcoming a new baby on the way. Why not make a baby themed one with the following items filled to the brim; 

  • Cola bottles, 
  • Bubblegum bottles, 
  • Haribo dummies, 
  • Sugar dummy, 
  • Jelly babies, 
  • Colour specific sweets. 

You can also fill up little baby bottles, like the ones below, with colour specific Millions. Anyone, including pregnant ladies, will love this gift idea. 



If you can think of anymore unusual, cute and thoughtful gift ideas fit for pregnant women, please do feel free to let us know. Or if you happen to have purchased one of our ideas above, we would love to hear about the reaction of the recipient! If you still want more, why not take a look at our Christmas Pregnancy Gift Ideas blog?

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