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66 of the Best Pregnancy Gift Ideas this Christmas (2023)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Not only that, it's the perfect time for giving, and what better feeling than knowing you have absolutely nailed the perfect present for your pregnant friend, colleague, partner or wife!

We have created the best pregnancy gift ideas list so you don't have to do the thinking! 


BABYGO® Birthing Ball

birthing ball

Are you getting bored of all the moaning about pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain? Well now that can come to an end! A birthing ball can relieve those pregnancy aches and pains whilst encourage baby into the right position ready for birth.


Scented Candle

scented candle

 Let's be honest, women love a scented candle, so why not get them the perfect scent you know they will love! Are they a clean cotton, vanilla cupcake or maybe a black cherry kinda gal? It's impossible to just pick one!


Mini Fridge

mini fridge

This one may seem a little random, but there are so many ways to put a mini fridge to good use. I know they're commonly used for beauty serums, however think outside the box. From storage to keep milk close by, to a cheeky midnight snack, the possibilities are endless. 


BABYGO® Baby Grow

tartan sleepsuit 

You can never have too much baby clothing right? Treat your mama-to-be to a cosy little sleepsuit this Christmas. It may not be for her directly, but trust us, she will definitely thank you later! 


Fluffy Slippers

What's the first thing you do when you get out of bed? For me, I slide my slippers on straight away! (I hate having cold toes.) A brand new pair of cosy slippers might be just what she needs. 




You know what goes well with new slippers? New pjs! And pregnancy specific ones such as these are perfect for postpartum too!


The Doula Deck


Filled with soothing affirmations, movement activities and breathing exercises, The Doula Deck will be sure to support your mama to be through pregnancy, birth and their new life as a mother.


Personalised Blanket

personalised blanket

Whether it's a gift directly for mum, or perhaps a gift for mum to give to baby when they arrive, personalised blankets are a perfect for snuggling up on the sofa and having some time to relax before the chaos begins!


BABYGO® Pregnancy Support Band

pregnancy support band

Bumps getting lower and heavier and quite frankly, you hate seeing your mama to be in pain. Take some of the weight for them (without physically having to hold bump up) with a pregnancy support band!


Baby Scan Photo Frame

baby scan photo

Simple but adorable, a sonogram picture frame is guaranteed to be a gift they may not buy for themselves, but they will definitely cherish forever.


 Disposable Camera

disposable camera

Speaking of photos, disposable cameras are a cute, retro, fun idea to help create memories! Mum can get them developed and printed to put in a photo album or even a scrapbook! (but we we'll get to that).


Floaty Maternity Dress


Pregnancy is tough, and your body is constantly changing. What better way to make mum feel great about herself than treating her to a comfy, yet stylish dress for her to flaunt her bump in.


Quirky Wine Glass

Does she love a cheeky glass of wine? A personalised wine glass is a fun, creative gift idea, especially if the 9 months is coming to an end!


Baby Document Organiser

Help her stay organised by keeping baby's documents all in one place. This may be something she didn't think of herself but will greatly appreciate! 


 BABYGO® Maternity Knickers

maternity knickers

 Your pregnant mum to be may be experiencing some pregnancy discharge and leaks. Whether she's willing to tell you this or not, a good pair of maternity underwear can solve this problem immediately. Maternity knickers are not only flattering, but have superior comfort, support and protection.


Pregnancy Journal

Some of us love to document our thoughts, feelings and memories and what better time to do so than during the journey from bump to birth. It can be an emotional 9 months, and simply writing down how you feel can work wonders!


Personalised Bauble

Whether it's Christmas or not, this is such a cute personal gift with so many varieties of designs. Who wouldn't want their family on their Christmas tree? It doesn't even matter if baby has arrived yet! 


Restaurant Gift Card

Restaurant gift cards are a great way to encourage someone try a food place they may not have been to. When baby is here there won't be as much time to go out, so why not help get them out the house and pay towards a nice meal out?


Eye Mask

With all the sleepless nights ahead, what better way to help get rid of those bags what with an eye mask. From de puffing to brightening, there are so many different ones to treat her to!


 Double Sided Decision Coin

These are great! You can personalise them to have whatever writing you want and we guarantee she won't already have them! Baby crying? Don't want to change a nappy? Here's your time to shine.


Yoga Mat

Exercise during pregnancy is so important and yoga is one of the best ways to keep fit in a safe way during those 9 months. Help ease some of those aches and pains with a yoga mat to encourage mum off the sofa and into downward dog.


BABYGO® Maternity Leggings

maternity leggings

While we're on the topic of exercise, are pair of maternity leggings are great for pregnant ladies on the go. Whether it's yoga, a gym workout or a stroll in the park, these maternity compression leggings with grow with your bump.



Perhaps your pregnant mum to be has a creative streak in her, or maybe she likes to keep herself occupied in fun ways! Scrapbooking not only allows you to keep your memories in one place, but can also be really therapeutic, and help you switch off from the world for a moment.


Belly Butter

 Not only does pregnancy belly butter help with stretch marks, it can also act as a moisturiser and often smells delicious! Who wouldn't want that? 


Pregnancy Books

A woman can never have too many pregnancy books. And sitting down and taking a minute during maternity leave, is even better with a book in your hand. For soon to be mums with any queries or worries, 'The Positive Birth Book' (above) is perfect for all of those unanswered questions. For something with a touch of humour, 'How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out' has a light hearted feel to it.


BABYGO® Nursing sleep Bra

With a super flattering cross cut design, this breastfeeding nursing bra is perfect for those night time pumps and feeds. Made from super soft Tencel™ modal, she can enjoy a proper night's sleep, or simply use as comfy loungewear.


 Hand/footprint Set

Let's be real, she was probably thinking of getting one anyway, so why not beat her to it. A cute little DIY kit for baby's hand/footprints are the perfect addition to any nursery, living room or anywhere in the house for that matter!


Hospital Bag

Another maternity gift to beat her to is a hospital bag. I guarantee if she hasn't already got one she WILL be getting one. An absolute essential for a pregnant lady no matter what trimester. You can never be too prepared!


Hospital Bag Goodies

Ok, maybe you know for a fact that she already has a hospital bag. So why not help her fill it? They're are so many useful bits that she may not think of herself that she can put in it.


BABYGO® Peanut Ball for Labour 

Does she already have a birthing ball? Perhaps she might prefer a peanut ball. Whilst a birthing ball prepares you for labour sat down, a peanut birthing ball does the same job lying down. And let's face it, it can be pretty tiring!




 Sometimes edible treats are just what you need to get through those tough days during pregnancy. And if she has a sweet tooth, cupcakes are a great gift idea she may not expect to receive. Look into local places and support small businesses around you! I guarantee there will be plenty to choose from! 


Mama Necklace

Women can never have too much jewellery. And how fitting this dainty necklace? Whether they're a silver, gold or rose gold kind of gal, I'm sure she will be a proud wearer of a necklace like this!




 Perhaps this necklace in particular isn't her cup of tea. Well, I'll say it again, women can never have too much jewellery! Why not try a ring or bracelet instead?


BABYGO® Postpartum Belt

postpartum recovery belt

So she has planned her pregnancy down to a T, and you feel like there's nothing left to get her. Well, what about her postpartum journey? A postpartum band is amazing for getting back on track after giving birth, and comes with a 90 page postpartum book filled with exercises and nutritional advice.


Bed Socks

 Not only are bed socks great to get comfy and cosy in, they make perfect hospital socks when it's time for the arrival of little one. The grips at the bottom mean mum can be safe and mobile whilst wandering round.


 My First Year Frame

This gift is great for expecting ladies or even ladies who have had the pleasure of meeting baby. A lovely sentimental idea that can be used to tease baby on their 18th birthday!


Personalised Drawing

Something as personal as a drawing is super thoughtful when it comes to ideas for gifts. When it's a drawing of her, or even just something she loves (we're thinking about furry friends) we guarantee she'll love it. Again, there will be plenty of small businesses to support so shop small!


Pregnancy Photoshoot  

We're not saying you need to pay for a full photoshoot, but perhaps towards it. If mama to be is confident enough, or maybe she's dropped a hint, pregnancy photoshoots can be such a lovely gift and experience to treasure before baby arrives.


BABYGO® Maternity Bra

Is she planning on breastfeeding? Or maybe she just wants a comfy bra to lounge in? Wire, hook and tag free, this maternity nursing bra is great for pregnancy & postpartum, and feels like a second skin!


Bath Time Essentials

Make bath time that little bit easier with some must have items. From bath mats to body wash, toys to talc, a mum or baby can never have too many bath time essentials. And I'm positive they both will appreciate it!


Baby Changing Organiser

I'll be honest, changing can get, let's just say 'messy' at times. Help her get prepared with a baby changing organiser, and avoid those sloppy slip ups. Whether you want to fill it with goodies or not, she is bound to love it!


Baby Changing Kit


 Baby organiser or not, changing essentials are well, essential. It may not sound like the most glamorous of presents, but sometimes the best gifts are simple. Whether it's wipes or nappies, this is a gift both mum to be and baby with need.


Pamper Set

Enough about baby let's focus on mum. Design the perfect night in with a pamper set for to relax with. Order a ready made set or create your own full of all her favourite things!


Spa Gift Card

 Treat her even more with a spa day out. A refreshing facial or dip in the pool, give her that final time to relax before baby arrives.


Personalised Calendar

 So she's sent you endless photos of her growing bump, or maybe you're that close your camera roll is filled with photos of you both. Put those pics to good use with a personalised calendar. With baby brain she'll need all the reminding she can get!


 BABYGO® Postpartum Knickers

After that ever changing pregnancy body has given birth, the postpartum journey is about to begin. With a super flattering high waist, and triple layered gusset that's built in with an absorbent, wet proof and antibacterial layer, a pair of postpartum knickers will set her up for life as a new mum.


Sweet Box

Has she got a sweet tooth? Why not create the ultimate sweet box full of all her favourites. Want to make it more pregnancy related? Ensure you add all the baby themed sweets you can think of. I'll start you off with fizzy bottles, sugar dummies and jelly babies!


Stretch Mark Set

With their bodies constantly changing, woman can find it hard to adapt to this, and to accept it may not return to the way it was. And pregnant women are no exception. Do a little research into stretch mark products and create the best set to help her look, and feel amazing!


Baby Keepsake Box

Whether it be a first tooth, first pair of shoes or first teddy, keepsake boxes are not only great for keeping memories in one place, but also are super cute!


Pumping Bag 

Pumping can be so handy for new mums to be ahead of the game, so putting everything together in one bag couldn't make it easier!


BABYGO® Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy pillow

An absolute must for any pregnant lady! A pregnancy pillow with not only get her comfortable for a good night's sleep, but encourage her to lie in an optimal position.


Pregnancy Related Clothing

 If she has a good sense of humour this may just be the perfect present. Funny, quirky, pregnancy related clothing can be cute and hilarious, and may be something she wouldn't normally buy for herself.


Pregnancy Mug

Ok so she can't drink as much coffee as she might have done before, but it doesn't mean all hot drinks are a no go! 


BABYGO® Postpartum Leggings

Help her get back on her feet with a pair of postnatal leggings! With stretchy, seamless and squat proof fabric, our postpartum leggings are perfect for gymgoers and yogis. Silky smooth fibres and excellent sweat wicking properties, the lightweight fibres flatter any postpartum body with the sculpted fit.


Postpartum Essentials Kit


While we're on the topic of postpartum, why not create the ultimate essentials pack to get her looking and feeling amazing once little one has arrived. You could even include the postpartum compression leggings, postpartum underwear and postpartum support band.


Movie Night Hamper

More of an idea of a pregnancy gift for couples, but we love it! Give them a final date night together before little one arrives, in the luxury of their own home.


Body Oil

A lovely gift for a pregnant friend, pregnancy body oil can work wonders on their skin, whilst encourage them to look and feel amazing! This could be completely affordable, or perhaps more of a luxury pregnancy gift.


Felt Letter Board

Whether she wants to make an announcement, or just wants to remind herself with positive vibes, felt letter boards can be used in so many different ways. She could even put it in the nursery! 


 Pregnancy Cook Book

It's nothing new that women can't eat certain foods whilst pregnant, so a pregnancy specific cook book may just be what they need. If they've got pregnancy brain this is sure to help them with some food ideas!


Mocktail Recipe Book

Something to wash all the food down with perhaps? Or maybe she's really missing those cocktails. A great idea for mums to be who are missing a cheeky little drink.


BABYGO® Pregnancy Support Belt

Don't let pregnancy pains hold her back! Beat the aches with a pregnancy support belt to give instant relief for her back, pelvis and hips. Complete with the ultimate pregnancy book.


Letters To My Baby

Is she the sentimental type? This is such a lovely gift idea that her and baby can cherish forever. Or maybe she just wants to write them and keep them to herself?


Pregnancy Cravings Gift Basket

So she hasn't shut up about all the weird and wonderful foods she can't stop eating. No matter how bizarre they might be, she's bound to love a basket full of goodies she's obsessing with!


20 Things To Do Before I Give Birth


Either find a pre made one of create your own! Life is about to get hectic, so why not encourage her to spend her final months of freedom doing things she loves?


Ultrasound Christmas Ornament 

If she's sent endless sonogram pictures it might be an idea to turn it into a bauble! It's the most wonderful time of the year and the most wonderful thing is on their way!


Decorative Cushions/Throw


Is she a bit of an interior designer? Jazz up the house with a decorative cushion or throw for her to cosy up with this winter. If you want to make it more special, why not personalise it to a photo instead.


BABYGO® Nursing Pillow

nursing pillow

And last, but certainly not least, how about a nursing pillow? Whether she's breastfeeding or bottle feeding they are the perfect addition to feeding time for baby to comfortably lie on. It also helps mum with comfort too!


And there you have it! If you managed to get all the way through we hope you have managed to find a gift that is the best choice for your mummy to be!

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