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BABYGO® Postpartum Recovery Belt

BABYGO® Postpartum Recovery Belt

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Help Ease The Transition From Pre To Post Birth. 

Get the best support for core muscles and lower back, encouraging your body back to it's pre pregnancy shape. With breathable, lightweight fabric, you won't find a recovery belt more supportive or comfortable.

Moulding to your changing body, our belt will relieve postpartum aches and pains and give gentle compression.

Perfect for C-section Recovery

Our belt reduces tenderness and swelling whilst protecting your incision without irritation.

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C-section Friendly

That's right ladies, our postpartum belt will not only protect your incision, but also ensure that you heal properly whilst providing ultimate support. Reduce tenderness and swelling post birth, and relieve postnatal discomfort through gentle compression

With soft, breathable fabric, you can wear this belt after c-section as much or as little as you like, for the best control during your and c-section journey and postpartum recovery.

Eases Postnatal Pains

Don't let postpartum discomfort get you down.

Wearing our postpartum belly belt will improve posture and mobility, and encourage an easy transition from pre to post birth. Get the best support for your lower back, pelvic and core muscles, all whilst belly binding your body. 

With super adjustable and flexible design, have it as loose or as tight as you like on your upper and lower abdomen for the perfect fit for YOUR body.

BABYGO® Postpartum Book

Included is the BABYGO® 90+ page postpartum recovery book to help you get back on your feet. 

With a week by week breakdown, our amazing book is packed with exercises to target specific areas including pelvic floor and core muscles

Not only that, we answer all your burning questions from when to start wearing your belt, to how long to wear it for. 

Is that not enough? The book in complete with nutritional advice that gives meal & snack inspo with guidance for all our foodies.

BABYGO® Postpartum Recovery Belt

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