What To Pack In Your Baby's Hospital Bag?

What To Pack In Your Baby's Hospital Bag?

Babies can need a lot of products, more than us women more often than not. But when it comes to just being born, that's not always the case and new parents can be left overpacking. It's very tempting to head out and treat yourself to matching suitcases but this is not necessary. Avoid overpacking by reading our helpful guide to packing your baby's hospital bag. 

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When Should I Pack My Baby's Bag for Hospital?

The last thing you want to be doing whilst in labour is running around the house in between contractions trying to pack a bag, get to the hospital and realise your newborn baby has no hat or even more important, that lovely coming home outfit. You know, the one you've been dreaming about since finding out you're pregnant. You're advised to have both yours and baby's bag packed at least 2 weeks before your due date.


What Type of Hospital Bag Should I Use for my Baby?

This isn't a trick question, you can use any bag which you find fit, within reason. It is best to stick to a hand luggage size bag, a small suitcase is perfect as everything is easily accessible. However, as your baby won't need too much for the short stay (as long as everything goes smoothly), you may find a backpack or holdall a better fit. As long as everything is easy to have to hand, your bag is perfectly packed.

What Essentials Should I Remember to Pack?

It's very easy to sit in your unborn baby's nursery and pack absolutely everything in sight. To avoid you doing this, we have created an easy checklist which ensures you have the absolute necessities. 

🏠 Coming Home Outfit:

You have been searching online for months for the cutest coming home outfit and the time will finally come to take the perfect "coming home instagram post". Well, as long as you remember to pack it first. 

💺Car Seat:

You will NEED to remember this otherwise your partner will be taking a trip home to pick the car seat up or your little one will not be leaving the hospital. The hospital will be there to check the installation of the car seat and ensure it's all ready to use.

🛌🏻2-4 Sleep-suits:

Sleep-suits are necessary, more than most other things, as babies do a lot of sleeping. Babies daily routines consist of sleeping, feeding and the occasional crying fit when life gets hard. 


Baby's heads are super sensitive so it's best to come fully prepared with little hats, especially in the colder months. And a bonus is they look super cute with them on too. 

Newborn Baby


We all know how cold it can get, especially during the Christmas months, and the same goes for the little one. They will feel the cold the most and it's very important to protect your little one from the cold, using one of the cutest little snowsuits. (It's important to remove this when placing them in their car seat.)

🧦Couple of Pairs of Socks:

Baby socks are the smallest little things so won't be taking up much space in the bag, so pack a couple. Your little one might just live in baby grow so socks may be unnecessary but they will be sure to come in handy for that one outfit that doesn't have built in feet. 

🟧Muslin Squares:

Many women will agree, these are the second most important thing to bring. Save using your nice clean top to wipe the milk dribble from your little one, use the muslin. Muslins can be so handy through feeding, burping and getting off to sleep. They double up as a bib, comforter and blanket. 

🍼Formula and Bottles:

Depending on your choice of feeding, you will need to be more prepared than others. If you're breast feeding, just make sure you are present and you will be fine. If you're planning on bottle feeding, you may need to pack a little more than just you. Bring bottles and the formula of your choice, because whilst most hospitals have some available, you or your little one may be fussy. 


Nappies are provided by the hospital but again if you have preferences on which brand you wish to use, it's best to bring your own. Your baby will be needing a lot of nappies during the day. 


Wipes aren't recommended until after round 4 weeks after birth but with the all new sensitive skin wipes made with little bums in min, this is no longer the case. If you still wish to stand by this, you can use the safe method of cotton wool and warm water. 

Is There Anything Else I Should Consider Packing?

These are a few items that, if forgotten, it's not the end of the world. The hospital can provide a few of these items or they are just not all that important. So if you're struggling for space, kick a few of these items out and use it for something necessary. 


Usually baby grown have built in mittens that can protect your newborn against their sharp little nails. Newborns will be adventurous with their hands and often catch their skin and end up with tiny scratches. So to avoid this, invest in little scratch mittens or outfits which have the fold over mittens built in. 

🧸First Bear:

Whilst this will be super cute, we might forget this and if that happens, it's not the end of the world. Your little one can still have their first ever teddy when they arrive home. 


Your baby will need blankets but if you do forget these, the hospital will be more than willing to provide some. Although, remember that the hospital will not have the super cute ones which you have spent your whole pregnancy looking at. Your baby might have to represent the hospital for just a little while. 

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