Surprise Your Husband With 15 Quirky Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Surprise Your Husband With 15 Quirky Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Finding out that you are going to have a baby is incredibly exciting; and, if you have found out alone, then you are going to be able to share the surprise with your partner.

For some parents to be the news might not be too much of a shock, but if you have not been actively trying, or perhaps you have found it difficult to conceive. Then the unplanned pregnancy could be the most amazing thing that they have ever been told!

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There are plenty of cool, quirky and cute ways to surprise the man in your life that they are going to be a father in the future. Want to make sure that them finding out is a moment that they can remember for many years to come?

If this is true for you, then why not take a look at 15 different ways that you can share your news with your husband?

We can promise you that no matter your relationship, no matter your sense of humour, you are going to find the ideal way to let them know that you are soon going to be welcoming a new little life into the world!


🎨 Creative ways

There are plenty of amazing videos out there on social media which show men being told that their partners are pregnant. There is a good reason for this; it is not only a creative way to break the news, but it also means that you can film it and treasure their reaction forever.

Why not take a look at some of the ways that other mums have told their husbands? There is sure to be a way that really appeals to you.

Another creative way to share the news is to make up a coupon, you could have it say something like “redeem in 9 months for one baby” and give it to him. This is a sure-fire way to make him smile and it is also something that he can keep for years to come too.

You could also buy a piggy bank and write on the front that it is a baby fund. You can gift this to them and let them know that you both have 9 months to put your money away. Not only is this a fun way to share your news, but it is also a useful way too. After all, babies can actually be quite expensive.


🎲 Fun ways

Learning to be a parent is hard work and if there are any ways that you can make it that little bit easier then you should definitely use them to your advantage. Why not make things that little better for the dad to be and announce that you are going to be parents by gifting him a manual? There are lots of how to be a dad books out there, most of which offer a comical look at the adventure that you are about to embark upon.

Another fun way is to have a jigsaw puzzle made up that shares the news. You can personalise puzzles with ease online, so you can make it say whatever you want.

The idea is that you set up the chance to complete the puzzle together (over a day if you make it an easy one or perhaps you could make the news last a whole week) needless to say, once he completes the puzzle then he is going to discover just how exciting your life is about to get.

You could also turn your pregnancy into somewhat of a game. Why not make a treasure hunt with clues that leads to your positive pregnancy test? You could, if you wanted to, also theme the clues around having a baby and send them on their way.

Should you want to let anyone else know at the same time, then why not get them all to team up and see who can guess what is going on first? 


🧸 Cute ideas

There are plenty of cute ideas out there on how you can tell your husband he is going to be a dad. One of the most popular ways has to be by buying him a gift. Often, these personalised are great & you can make them say whatever you wish. Mugs, t-shirts and even a keyring; these are all great gift ideas for a dad to be.

You can also let them know your news with a card. Cards can be bought from a variety of different outlets and you can have them say a wide range of things. Some can be funny, some can be cute and some can just definitely make him smile!

If you are not so great with words and you still want to let him know this way, then you could always search online to find some of the best pregnancy quotes out there. There are lots on the internet, which means that you are going to find exactly the right thing to say to let them know what is going to happen in your future together.
Happy Birthday Dad! See You Soon!

👓 Nerdy ideas

There are plenty of nerdy things that the men in our lives like to do. If you want to embrace their very own special interest and work that into your announcement, then why not check out some of the nerdy ideas that you can use to share your news?

If they are fan of fishing, then why not write on a blackboard something along the lines of ”you are getting a new fishing buddy” and have it on display when they get home? You can work out a rough month when the baby will be due and write this on the board too, just to make sure that they understand what you are trying to say.

For those who already have a furry baby in their family, a great idea to announce your pregnancy is to let them take the lead (no pun intended).

You could attach a message to your pets collar and then when your husband gives them a cuddle, they are also going to be able to see the amazing news for themselves.

Talking of pets, you could also have a vest made up for your dog or cat and have them wear it. This will definitely make sure that the message is understood.

Ever heard of the phrase “bun in the oven?” If you have then why not make this the way that you announce your news? Pop a bun in your oven at home and when they get home from work, or wherever they have been, they will have to guess exactly what is going on.

You could even film them as they make their guesses, although, they might catch on that there is something more to the joke quicker if you are filming them.


🎅🏻 Themed ideas

If you find out that you are expecting during a special time of year, then you could always theme your news around that time.

For Valentine's Day you could let your husband know the happy news by treating him to an amazing dinner that is cooked by you at home.

Wait until dessert and then write your happy news in the pudding, or perhaps give him a cake with a topper on letting him know what is happening. Either way he is going to be more than just a little bit excited about what is happening.

Halloween announcements mean that you can play with fancy dress to share your news. Why not buy a t-shirt that has a skeleton detail on it, with a smaller skeleton in your belly area?

These are great fun and not only are they ideal to announce your pregnancy to your husband, but if you want others to know at an early stage; then you can also use this as your chance to share the news even wider.

Wanting to announce your pregnancy over Christmas? Well, one great idea is to wrap up your pregnancy test and gift that your husband! It really is a gift that they are going to love to open and is something that you can capture on film for their reaction too.


As you can see, there are plenty of amazing ways that you can let your husband know that you are going to be parents in the near future.

Whatever way that you choose to tell him, the important thing is that you both know that your already amazing family is soon going to be expanding!

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