Can I Dye My Hair Whilst Pregnant?

Can I Dye My Hair Whilst Pregnant?

We all like a little freshen up every now and again, some of us love a brand new style but when pregnant it is questionable if this is safe for the baby. Read more to find out the real answer behind the affects of hair dye during pregnancy. 

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Is It Safe to Dye My Hair Whilst Pregnant?

Whilst this is a very touchy subject within most mummy-to-be groups, the research does show that the risks are very minimal. People for years have been talking about the risks hair dye can cause to your unborn baby. After research, although minimum, they have said hair dye is not as harmful to mother or the baby as we originally thought. But these pregnant women don't naturally wake up with pink dip-dyed hair, do they? 


Is It Safe To Work In A Salon Whilst Pregnant?

Relax. You're not jobless, you're not writing a resignation letter or having to look for another job. You can remain working in a salon. So check your diary, set your alarm and iron your uniform, you don't get out of it that easily. You are, however, advised to keep the risk at the very minimum by taking following the steps.

🧤 Gloves included:

It is very important to reduce the amount of contact your skin has with the dye so be sure to use the gloves provided and wipe your skin immediately if it does come into contact with the dye. 

💨Ventilation is key:

Ensure you're working in a well ventilated room, lots of windows and make sure you're taking regular breaks to avoid too much consumption of the 'harmful' chemicals. 

🕒Minimise the time:

Allow the dye to set for the minimum amount of time to reduce the amount of contact. So when it says 30 minutes - 45 minutes, try to stay to the 30 minutes so your scalp isn't having a larger chunk of time absorbing the chemicals. 

💁‍♀️Highlights VS Full Head:

You could potentially opt for a few highlights instead of a full head dye as then your scalp is not coming into contact with the dye. The hair dye will only come into contact with individual strands of hair which reduces the risk also. 

🥬Vegetable Dye:

You can try using semi-permanent, pure vegetable dyes which are a safer alternative to permanent hair dye you would usually buy in the store. Swapping this can really reduce the risk during your pregnancy. 

🥛Stay hydrated:

Try to drink plenty of water. This might double the amount of trips to the toilet but it will help your body and be better for you and your baby in the long run. So think of it as your baby helping get your step count up for the day. 

🤰🏻Second trimester:

You should wait till the second trimester before dying your hair. Your hair will grow a lot during the first trimester so you may be desperate when you go into your second trimester. 


Is It Safe to Dye My Hair Whilst Breastfeeding?

Just as it is safe to dye your hair during pregnancy, there has been no proven reason why they believe it should be avoided. As very little of the harmful chemicals reach your bloodstream this is believed to be perfectly safe. We obviously advise you to take the same precautions as if you were pregnant but it is safe to do whilst breastfeeding. So what colour are you going for? Pink? Blue? Green?

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